Sunday, November 28, 2010

Berba The Man

Suddenly, you look so dashing.

I sold you off last week and tonight you scored 5 goals. 

Damn you, asshole.

Berbatov became the only fourth player in Premier League history to score five in a game after Andy Cole, Shearer and Defoe.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Football; Joke of The Week.

EPIC Joke of The Week

Hilarious. You're fucking hilarious.
Tottenham kicked their ass in the nick of time last weekend and Braga chew them with a 2-0 win.

Now. Laugh people laugh.


Now your Champions League spot is in trouble.

Awesome! :D

Friday, November 19, 2010

My Awesome Research; Women That Guys Love To Like.

Last night, I've spent my time watching 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World'. For some reason, this movie is still not in Malaysia but heck, it has been 5 months old in the State, i'm done waiting. The trailer was too fucking awesome.

Thus, hail illegal downloading!

I'm glad i'm a comic books nerd.
Throughout the whole movie, I couldn't stop myself from..well, having a crush on the girls in it.

Guys, it's normal. it's okay to do this. It's when you're having crushes on the hot guys in the movie, don't want your parents to know about that do you?

Girls, it's not fair when y'all are ogling, admiring and having crushes on the guys in the movies but when we did it, y'all are calling us perverts.

Tell you what, the girls in the movies are like our dreams. More like a wet dream. It's like something we can't have. And don't worries, it's totally safe. We want them, but we can't have them. That's why we ended up being with you.

We really want to drive a Ferrari, but what we can afford is a Kancil.

Kapish? Cool.

Now, girls crushes are pretty much the same, the have dicks.
We couldn't care less about them.

Our crushes in movies are a lot to say this, a lot more than you?

Now, off to the girls!!!

We start off with Mary-Elizabeth Winstead and Ellen Wong. They played Ramona Flowers and Knives Chau respectively, in the comic based movie, 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World'.

I like both. Yes, i'm greedy.
Mary-Elizabeth is damn hot; of course with less clothing and Ellen as Knives Chau is so fucking adorable. Now, the challenge, dream both of them on the same bed, with you. A white girl and an Asian girl.

ZZOMFFGGGGGGGGGG!!!! It's so awesome!!!

Why we love them?
Gotta be honest, as a comic books nerd, we tend to like and be in love with the girls in the comics. And when they appear on screen to be so fucking hot, we are totally in love.

But then our crushes does not stop at that.

You know girls, skinny figure don't excite us. We prefer a little more meat. Let me show you the example of hotness and how you flaunt them.

Reason why I'm loving red heads; definitely not Hayley Williams.
Christina Hendricks, all men love her because of her full figure. She's damn hot. Watch Mad Men. Don't ask me where, Google it or whatever.

Why we love her?
She's the new look!! She got the fair white skin, full figured body and to add some hautness, she got the red hair. Omaigod, and she's 35. And they're 38.

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. I'll leave it to your imaginations.

And then comes...

Make sure your brain memory is sufficient.
Ahh...Megan Fox. Girls just love to hate her. I know y'all are jealous of her.

Because she's damn hot!!!

Why we love her?
She's hot, she's hot, she's hot. She's not adorable, cute or beautiful. We call this type of girl; epic hottest of the hottest hot. She got the look, the body and definitely the ability to fill our brains with dirty thoughts. She got that kind of power. So, feel free to roam around our heads. We don't mind.

Oh, local taste!

Awek idaman Malaya.
In Malaysia, I'm very glad that we have the beautiful Lisa Surihani. I bet if you want to bring her own to meet your family, they wouldn't mind you marrying her.

Why we love her?
Definitely because she's beautiful. And mainly because she got the 'good girl' image and she's not slutty like..well, a certain someone here. She appreciates her fans and she's a sweet person. And she can act!!!

The question is, who's the lucky guy?

Meet the one who kissed a girl. And she likes it.

Sexiest woman alive.
Ahhh...Her name is Katy Perry, she’s a singer and a bad-ass.

Why we love her?
Come on. Look at her. First of all, she was crowned the hottest woman alive in Maxim’s Hot 100 List, bitches! And why wouldn’t they?

The eyes, the skin, the leg and..ahem..the *cough36dcoughbreastcough*..

When you listen to her singing you forget about all bad things and you just let that magic voice take you to a wonderful place.

Who wouldn't want that.

Her significant other is Russell Brand.

It's beauty and what the fuck??
When we looked at Russell Brand, it gave us hope. A guy who looks like that, could land the hottest girl on earth, I think we can do that as well. Oh yeah, most of the good looking guys are either taken or gay. Girls, go for the odd looking one.

You'll be happy 'cause he won't cheat.

You'll just be thinking how your children will look like.

That's some of the girls that we men or you call it guys, love to dream of. Oh yeah, sometimes our dreams are too big and we prefer lots of girls.

I think these fit the criteria.

Choosing is not an option.
Enters Girls' Generation!!

Why we love them?
Well, they're Koreans. The south one, not the north one; that's the fucking commies. From my observation, they are...well, frankly, those who watched Asian porn, you know what to think. Just stop thinking that for a while. They are all beautiful, cute and adorable at the same time. This is due to the 'cheerleader effects'. But, differently, they are attractive. It's just that I prefer them as a whole. I want the whole group, not just one person.

And the song is always better when they sing in a group. my mind is working.

Hey, why have one when you can have all? Capitalism rocks!!

Y'all have your favorites, and I got mine.

I've left out a lot, but this is what I prefer.

As for girls, feel free to ogle and love, and have dreams about the guys in the movies or on the football fields. We don't mind and we promise we won't call you girls horny whores or any equivalents to that.

Remember, you can't have them. You only have us.

Yes, oddball.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Summary of The Week

Comeback of The Week

Macheda and Vidic. Roar!!
Comeback King, suited Manchester United. Down 2-0 against Aston Villa with Ashley Young and Albrighton scored a goal each, United fought back to salvage a point in the last minute of the game. Macheda's rocket ball and Vidic's goal saved them.

Manchester United is still unbeatable in Europe, along with Real Madrid.

Hero of The Week

Gyan Asamoah; because he inspired The Black Cats against Chelsea.
Gyan Asamoah is not a technically good player but his work rate were effective against Chelsea; who lost Alex and Terry in the middle, have to settle in with Ivanovic and Ferreira in the middle. Welbeck, Zenden and Gyan ran the show. Result, 3-0 to Sunderland.

Kudos to Steve Bruce.

Joke of the Week

What revival? Lol.

You guys are the funniest when you lost.


I think that summed up everything.