Saturday, December 27, 2008

kejadian hari ini

sungguh excited hari ini kerna i bought a new handphone.hehe.mmg la lame je bunyi die, but to me it is sgt best.sbb ape?sbb before this, tukar phone je kene curi.tukar phone je kene, i pakai la ntahmodelapekebende punya Nokia yg harganya just 90ringgit up until now.puas hati.takde sape nk sampai sekarang la pakai handphone tersebut and nearly takde rupa handphone kena la tukar nk jaga imej.hehe.

i bought E71..nice sgt.nipis mcm biskut and sgt vulnerable to,this will be a test to see how long this new phone can last in my hand~hehe.pray for it!!

inilah rupa dia lebih kurang.

kalau bendenye elok, bole diterime..hehe.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

It was Tuesday

it was 10 p.m and my friends and are going to Legong Hot Spring..and it is nothing to hanging out mandi mandi air panas sounds fun la.haha.

bertolak pukul 10 mlm and we reach there around 12 tahan lame la.sampai je kat sane ktorg lepak lepak makan dulu..minum was 9 of us.masuk to the hot spring kena 4 riggit..hehe.reasonable.

and di hot spring tu ade 3 kolam..panas,panaser and panasest.hehe.and there were a lot of people..i mean alot.i tot pegi malam takde org.

so,we changed and lepak kat kolam panas la.and it was panas enough lesson pegi hot spring is, JGN TERJUN..and i did that.damn..feel like i was thrown into boiling water and boiled.though tak mati tapi panas la..hehe.supposely,kalo pegi hot spring masuk KAKI DAHULU..and slowly up to the neck la..hehe.seksa gak.mcm nk rebus manusia pulak.

and rendam2...pastu changed to panaser...bole tahan panas and then celup tangan pon 3seconds je..panas sangat~hehe.

we hang out until 4 a.m and head home..and lepak di mamak, makan makan and stay until 5.30 a.m..tengok game chelsea seri dgn everton.reach home at 6.30 a.m..and went to sleep.basically that was my night out doing something than being online..hehe.mandi air panas best:p

bersama mereka mereka..kolam itu sangat panas tao..

asap maknenye panas..scary betol.

my best man apui

kami kami di sini sangat panas di air panas

Gadis kecil bernama Effa; stupidity and idiocracy.

haha.sounds mcm bodo sgt title tuh.

the thing with male species is, bila dorg berada dlm sesuatu relationship; and that is including marriage la, they would think of a possibility being in a relationship with another person. yela,'what if' would play around in their head..'what if i hooked up with her instead of my girlfriend?'..and 'what if she is meant for me?'..'what if i suppose to be spending my whole life with her?'..that kinda of question or any other question yg sewaktu dgnnye..soalan yg agak doubtful la.

that happens to me too la.

i met a girl named Effa, when i was in the point of breaking up with my girlfriend that time..(sah2 la skrg da clash).

totally cute, adorable and simply someone who would simply stole my heart. but stupidly, i chose to stay try to work things out.regret.regret.that's an idiocracy that i chose to live life in.

yela, hari-hari manusia simply berdoa and pray they would meet a great person and wish for the exact person yg dorg bile that person ade kat dpn mata, we missed out on that person.

yela,pernah dgr cerita yg someone nearly drown and he pray to God to save him..dtg la sampan ajak naik,dia taknak..dia ckp God will save him..pastu sampan blah.dtg botlaju,he mention the same thing.and dtg sampai helikopter, die stilll mention God will save him.and at the end, he died.dah tu,pegi tanye pulak kat God kenape xsave dia?

and God said he already sent all the medium to save you but you refuse.

hmm..masaelahnye, God simply dah bagi everything depan mate and manusia xnampak. including me.look harder people.

and Effa, she is my adik angkat skrg~yela..lambat.die da ade boyfriend..that's simply an idiocracy that homo-sapiens chose to live in.

effa sangat sengal~

the missing

The thing is; though she left me and all my friends is on my side and keep telling me to forget her, in my heart, I’m still hoping that she’ll look my way once again. Kinda miss the sense of belonging; the texting, calls and even the arguments.
When I was with her, my confidence was all time high. Things are really going great and one reason for that, I was happy.
When we are happy, things go the way we wanted it to be. And when she’s gone, I’m totally lost. Seriously, I’m a guy and I don’t quite know what to do…

Blurghh…it suck to be missing someone who’s totally not missing you anymore.

what was then..and totally missing it..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A friend stabbed me

hun stabbed me..that was so nice of you to stabbed me:p


Bold the statements that are true to you. Italicize the statements that you wish were true. Leave the fibs alone. Then, stab 5 people to do the same test.

I’m 170cm tall.
I don’t know what I want at the moment.
I’m not happy.
I hate my friends.
I hate my life.
I hate my grades.
He drives.
I’m bored of driving.
I have a white handbag.
I love dancing.
I go clubbing every week.
Shopping is bullshit.
I have a tattoo of a star.
I got my navel pierced.
I have friends that take drugs.
90% of my friends smoke.
I still hang out with my ex, even though our break up was rather nasty.
I’m studying Fashion.
I have a business running.
I hate cartoons.

I hate someone.
I have 10 Guess handbags.
I buy CLEO every month.
My parents don’t know about my blog.
I have an iPod.
I don’t have faith in the current “one”.
My school mates know about my blog.
I wanted to be a fashion designer.
I love rock emo bands.
I hate it when people cancel last minute meet ups.
I’m a rebel.
I don’t believe in love.
High school's filled with drama.
My parents have faith in me.
I’ve bought shoes this month.
A blogger bitched about me before.
I hate sports.
I heart Italian food.
I hate meeting new people.
I hate nail polish.
The mother bear gives me hugs.
People should start appreciating me.
High school was the worst time of my life.
I have red hair.
One Utama is my second home.
I’m a guy.
I’m scared of my Biology exam which I’m going to face tomorrow.
I hate vacations.
We’ll last.
I believe in long distance relationships.
I’m going to get high and smoke weed one day soon.
I’ve robbed an old lady.
I’m starting to like applying make-up.
I was a tomboy.
At times I think I still am a tomboy.
I love bitching about people behind their backs
I still have a best friend.
I have a cat.
I hate surprise parties.
I hate planning parties.
I’m hot.
I’m a sinner.
I’ve got a DS light.
I have a Wii.
I can live without music.
Video games are a waste of time.
I miss the father bear.
I love being in love.

I know how to cook. (the simple stuff)

I have 100% freedom.

Boys are assholes. (partially)

I hate Math.

I’m happy with what I have.

I love horror films.
I slept in my parents’ room for 3 days after watching Scream when I was a kid.
My old friends keep in touch with me.
I don’t read newspapers.
The news is such a waste of time.
Blogging is a waste of time.
I hate animals.
I can’t live without make-up.
I curse like a pirate.
I’m happy with my 11 year old car.
I hate people that are smart.
I love Orange juice.
I can’t drink for nuts.
I believe that everyone in their teens have lost their virginity.
I’ve got a new phone.
I’m going to get a new pair of shoes by the end of this month.
I love swimming.
I haven’t worked out since March.
I think I’m fat.
I love my friends and family.

and i'm stabbing sue (if you care la), syamira and arianna~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

her name is cint..and friends.entourage.homeboys; mostly those that made the differences in life

i went out with one of my friend the other day..her name is cint.

we hanged out up till 4 a.m..just talking and sharing.laughing.and cint has been by my side since the first time i knew her and it was only a year ago.yeah,just a year ago.

i didn't quite notice what she has been to me,but she was around every time when i needed someone to talk to.she was sweet and understanding, and on top of all, she is cool.and quite a bummer la i didn't notice such person and she has been helping me a lot to cope with my break up.

you know, all my life i have been watching 'Friends, Will&Grace, How I Met Your Mother, The O.C, One Tree Hill, Entourage, Sex & the City' and how i really wish that i have that sets of friends on all of the series i watched..they would listen at any time and they will be there for you at any time..and hang out all the time and possibly, you can reach 'em at any time..and while wishing for all of that i kinda miss out on the thing i already have..though it is not the same bunch in the tv, and everything in tv is perfect la of course..but i have the best bunch i could ever ask for and i miss out on them all this while as i was busy doing 'love life'..(which it that life kinda backfire laa..)

seriously, i had the coolest bunch of people..first, the ex-school friends; Fezaru, Azri, Ezani, Apui, Fuad, Rizal, Farid, Izuan..these are my peeps, my homeboys. i grew up with 'em and had fun with 'em..a day with 'em, i would laugh until i cried and no worries, no serious stuff.haha:D

then, my own entourage; djuan and her girlfriend; emi (i was the one who fixed them up.hehe), dosh, cint!;), shikin, nana, amie, didie, sue, puteri, najwa, azree, and the latest addition, ejan, effa(my cute adik angkat.hehe)..Hmm..i could count on them no matter what. and bole be whiney with em.hehe.and layan lepak sampai pagi though memang bole just sit and talk, basically doing nothing, but enjoyable sangat-sangat..:)

and i wish could count all of the people who has made so much different in my life..(they can be counted, but i don't want to;p)

while i watch all the tv series back then, i have wished that i could have all the bunch of people in it and my very wish has been granted actually. i have the coolest and most fun, adorable and loving friends and i count em as family too.

thank God that i have all of them and i should cherish it. i really miss all the time i had with them. and love them so much!!!:D

p/s: Cint, you are the greatest;)

Friday, December 19, 2008

the hardest thing

sometimes the best things to do would be the hardest things to do..

i just realize, that she is moving on with her life..i can't blame her for that and i can't blame her for leaving either, humans are born with options to be chosen..n she chose to leave..i've been trying to hold on, and it makes me more miserable...

seriosly,letting go is hard when u are missing that person so so bad..

i text her early yesterday morning before leaving for work..

'Syg..mark this day as i would call u 'syg' for the last time..sometimes the best things to do would be the hardest things to do..n at this moment, the hardest thing for me to do would be to give a blessing and let u go..

i've always love u and i didn't think that we would grow apart..i really miss what u've become to me..i've always trust and believe in u..i miss everything we shared even all the arguments..

u've been great..u r great..

but we fail to be what each of us wanted each other to be..
i want u to remember all the memories and don't forget about us..
and how significant u've been to me,i can't explain in mere words..

i wouldn't want to change the past even if i have the power to do so..cause things happened for a reason..u shall live forever in my heart..:)

mark this day, u will call me 'nabil'..we begin as friend again..and i'll b a great friend, i promise..

i'm proud of u, i love u as my friend..and i love u in the past..'

i sound like a loser? but i just wanna say what i mean..sometimes we have to suck it up, dump the ego, just say it and leave it..

things will go great i believe..:)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

if i'm not mistaken

it made me thinks..what do girls expect from guys actually?

i know what they want; someone who cares, someone who can spend times with 'em, someone who needs 'em and someone who love 'em..basically all that lah~

but then, i see the pattern here..most girls don't give a damn whether that guy have a bright future ahead of him or not, but as long as that fella can be all the things i mentioned there, you're the one.jeez~really?

ok, so someone whose working hard, have this big dreams and goals to achieve, and all he doesn't quite have is a lot of free time but do love you so much, so dearly..and make sure the future is going to be great for you and him, this kinda guy is not really the one.really?

and i see players do get all the girls and though most of 'em know this kind of guy, and still, they fall for him. fell for him deeply pulak tuh..players type of guy kan senang nak di recognize; pretend gentleman, a sweet talker, flirt a lot, and everything he does is right and melts you, and he would want to seal you with a kiss whatsoever, plus you are not the only one. but girls love this kinda guy. really?

what about the guys who are nice and loving but don't have the suave or the sweet mouth of a player. all he can do is treat you kindly with utmost respect and he is honest to you. the feeling is genuine; truly one girl man. this kinda guy don't really have the attention from girls. really?

i'm not judging anything but i'm fascinated by the God's creation. no matter if it's men or women, human are created not to be understood.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Siaran ulangan 'i love u'

Hmm...seriously people,how long will it take u to say 'i love u'?

for me,that 'i love u' is a serious thing to say,and required deep thought and u have to be really really sure before saying,the love one have to be quite the right one for u too..

and to some out there,u can say 'i love u' even if u know a person for just a i'm impressed to those who fell for this..for this 'i love u' in an instant thingy.yeah, i agree love is blind, but to decide that u love a person in just couple of week, sounds kinda...hmmm...irrelevant?and childish?

u remember when we were kids, with puppy love and that sort of thing, we say 'i love u' just like that so we can get what we want and for boys, just to get to 2nd base..yeah,boys..and these so called 'boys' still lurks in the world today..these 'boys' i'm talking about is guys basically using 'i love u' as an excuse to woo the targeted girl and make her believe that they were meant to be, that this is love, and make that girl his..jeez~and what annoys me that girls fell for that~!!!

i'm not judgemental but, ain't girls supposed to be sensitive about this? i mean to detect which is love and which is, i wouldn't say it's fake, but insincere?...and too early perhaps?

yeah, some are wise about this and some are not...

again, i'm not judgemental but all of u should...i'm not teaching, but think about it..

Friday, December 12, 2008

Blood in Blood out, Brotherhood Bound by Honour

Arriving back to Kedah from K.l was a fun trip and i head home with high school friend, Fuad. He is currently working in Melaka, an engineer at 22. We are going back for Raya Haji of course. It was a 5 hours road trip and we kinda have time to reminisce the past.

We talk about a lot of stuff we could remember; the past, the present and the future. Furthermore, Fuad and i was the only two from our clique that are currently holding to a career and doing our best being an adult and having the responsible to carry our self around. We are having fun being grown ups while most of our friends is busy finishing their studies.

And at 11 p.m, we arrived at Juru after a few stops made along the trip. I change the driver's seat with Fuad and told him to drive. Letih laa~and he told me he couldn,t drive at night. Bad eyesight..(yeah,right) I told him to drive anyway and he nearly go me killed..jeez~it was right rupenye..u got bad eyesight~and luckily, we arrived at my house at 12.30 a.m, my whole family dah tido already~so,i told fuad to roger everybody la~lepak..i know everybody is home and lepak la during the eve of raya..Fuad called up Farid and Apui~and Rizal couldn't go out la..(mak die marah;anak mak)..hehe..sorry dude..kantoi plak..

The best feeling i love is; the feeling of being home..back in our know,Fuad and i wasn't fond of the city's food..xsedap and too expensive..yela, back in Kedah, we could still find Nasi Lemak that cost only 50 cents. The most expensive drink cost only rm1.40. Our favorite food was Pasembor/Rojak and the taste was fastastic compared to K.l..Thank God i'm home!!!!

Fuad and i went out to pick up Apui and Farid, and we kinda hang out in Nasmir, our favorite mamak place in Kedah. We did the same routine, chat and chat, joke around and being sarcastic to each other. The best part about us, we don't judge and practically we are a bunch of nice guys..compared to kids nowadays. i like that. We are not rotten(hehe..seriously, we are not)..It is a great feeling when you have true friends around.

We were able to hang out till 4 a.m and we promised to raya tomorrow morning at 10 a.m..great, we won't have enough sleep la mcm nih..and after sending Fuad home, i kinda bumped my car into the wall of his house..(alahai~menyampah betol..), this is what sleepyness can do to you;p

Got home and rest, woke up at 6 a.m..lepak sembahyang raya..and balik makan rendang kambing and at 10 a.m...Berhari raya dengan kawan-kawan~!!!

Go to Fuad's house first as it is the closest, and hang there for a while and i kinda notice, wow~there's a cute girl;p

"Fuad, is that your little sister?"

And he said,"yela, adik aku.why?"

"Cute~can i call you my brother in-law?"

He got annoyed,"Nak makan penerajang?"

Haha~!i couldn't believe it. Last time i got to his house, her sister was still in high school. Wow~has it been that long?

After Fuad's house, we went to Rizal's house and guess what, her sister is getting engaged and he didn't tell us..(what la lu Rizal..terkejut kitorg) so, makan la nk bertunang, pulut kuning and rendang along with chicken curry..Afterwards, next stop, Farid's house..(Rizal pun blah tanpa stay utk her sister's engagement..hehe..good for you..)

Then, Farid's house..(makan lg..)..borak2 dengan his parents..bla.bla.bla..and kenyang betul..(burp,alhamdulillah..)

To Apui's house~!!!!and we arrived kinda early, we were suppose to get there after Zohor so, we lepak-lepak at mamaks first la..(raya pon bukak..24/7,berani dia tutup?)
We are never gonna be tired of each other. We can just seat and chat. We left for Apui's house at 2 p.m..(actually we went to couple of houses before that, but those friends weren't home)

Haha..Apui's family was like my family too..i knew his uncle and aunty, and his parents has been great to me. Basically i can talk about anything with 'em and her mom keep calling me 'pak imam'..(yela,i like to wear jubah sembahyang time raya)..and Fuad and I chatted with his dad about the economy, work and about politics..and i was kinda suprised, working really infused the knowledge that i have never known before..politics and economy..jeez~kelakar la..and makan-makan again..sedap pulak..tambah 2 around with his uncle's son..and his uncle is a lecturer in Dungun, that's why i knew him la..borak-borak some more..and go out for a while, main sepak bola~and we left at 5..Fuad has to go back to Melaka tomorrow..and the day ended there..i sent them home and i got made me thinks. Times really do fly fast. And you can't help it but to wonder bout how things were so different back then..I love my peeps..and those who has made the different in my life and those who made me who i am today..and even if i have the power to change my past or things that has already happened, i won't change a thing. 'Cause all the experience matures me day by day..lesson learned..:)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Acting Saved My Life!!

The date was on the 26th of November. I was in Kedah.

I saw the bulletin posted by Sazzy Falak on myspace. It was her company, along with Aishah and Ashraf Sinclair, the sinclairfalak sdn.bhd, is holding a contest; answer few questions and get a free acting workshop from them. Jeez..sounds easy enough, I got nothing to lose, I tried.

Then a day after, I got an e-mail from Sazzy and wow~! I got it~! She loves all my answers she said ang got me a free acting workshop on the 29th. I was really excited. I love Sazzy~hehe..(shut up!i’m a big fan of her!don’t judge me;p) plus, I was going back to K.L on the 28th, so I can join the workshop.yay~!

The acting workshop was called Acting Saved My Life! and it was held in Coronade Hotel. I woke up early morning and headed there, excitingly. I got to 2nd floor and there it was..huuu…Sazzy and Aishah~they were so beautiful~ and I went back down..hehe..i was nervous. Call me a loser but I was starstrucked..;P And I gathered my nerve and braveness(hehe..feel like a loser sgt that time), I went up again and they got in the hall already..(phew~!) so I registered at the counter with my full name. .jeez~ it is my full name..(tak glamour tao my full name!) Suhana ( she is the girl at the registration counter ) told me to write my name on a sticker thingy and paste it where people can read your name..(macam name tag sekolah laa..) and I went in the hall.

Sazzy and Aishah were waiting for all of the participants to come in. The workshop was going to start at 9 a.m and it was 8.45 a.m, so got like 15 minutes left..i sat down first. Just looked around and noticed few people who have been on t.v already. I noticed Adam Sinclair; Aishah and Ashraf lilltle brother. Lash; the main character from GODA and Elle; she acted in Jasmin Ahmad films and won an award already..jeez~ so I was thinking, am I the only noob here?

Sazzy and Aishah called up the entire participants and to gather around and it wasn’t a formal thingy, kinda laid back, so we need to just on the floor and simply enjoy. We gathered around to all the participants and I noticed it was only 11 of ‘em. Aishah told us that the most participants they have had were nearly 40 and this is the smallest bunch and I bet it would be easier to focus and bond. Yeah, fair enough, too crowded wouldn’t be fun either. Plus, they were so beautiful and cool~~~~;p hehe.sorry.i’m a fan. I still remember all of ‘em. They were Lash, Adam, Elle, Shahila, Iriz, Azry, Fidot, Arianna, Syafiqah and Lina.

I don’t wanna be too detail on stuff that happened that day, but it was so much fun. We started getting to know each other and stuff. And then we kinda warmed up; light exercise la…biase la, pagi..kena la exercise stuff la we did..look kinda simple, but wow..tiring. Stuff like ‘pretending’ and Aishah told us to pretend like animals, that was the best part…I was born to be kinda goofy and not so serious, and yeah, I did go all out on that..hehe.easy to pretend to be animals;p it’s being human that’s hard.

The activity was packed with fun stuff and the only thing I could was laugh (I love a funny jokes, and sarcasticsm, I would laugh a lot) and I kinda know this fella named Iriz, he is funny and sarcastic, all I can do was laugh at what he did. First comment he made was,’how do you make love in a club? Is it like the VIP style?’, while listening to the Usher’s song played la..haha~actually I was pretending to be kinda quiet guy la kat situ, but I can’t it was not in my I just have fun je la..hehe.

I love the goings-on like ‘mirroring’ as Aishah and Sazzy called it, where you mirror you partners movement without looking, but just gaze directly, focus on your partners’ eyes. Just like looking in the mirror la..crap~!i know I would laugh at this.

And some more, I got paired up with Iriz. I know I can’t do this correctly and I would just laugh.

And laughed I did…we started doing face expression and mirror it. Face expression was ok la, I could still focus on staring into Iriz eyes. But then when Aishah and Sazzy told us to mirror on the movement and still gazing at each others’ eyes, then it started to go wrong for me. Haha~ I feel like I wanna pee holding down the laugh when Iriz started making this irrelevant movement and I have to copy it. For instant, try copy your partner’s movement if it was a relatively a monkey or a chimpanzee movement, with a serious face and don’t lose the gazing…I could only laugh la..haha~!can’t stand it.

When it was my turn to make movements and Iriz have to copy..yeah..payback..hehe…I started to make like the body builder’s movement; showing off the body and sort of stuff la…it was easy..and then still gazing at him, I dropped down and I started doing push-ups..haha~!!!

Iriz’s face turned red trying to do the push-ups (he’s a bit chubby), again, I was laughing looking at him..and to make it harder, I did push-ups with one hand and that was the funniest moment..haha~!! He simply turned reddish~and kinda looked like Patrick;p

The whole workshop was fun and game, and Sazzy and Aishah was cooool and so sempoi, masuk air la to be exact..hehe..they were fun and crazy..and also beautiful;p
I loike the ‘create a photograph’ thingy; where Aishah and Sazzy like gave the scenario and create the photograph. If you play it with lots of friend, it should be fun. The game was like, act out a scene of a photograph when the title is given. For instant, the scenery in a hospital; so one by one, we will create a scene in a hospital and it has to create a photograph with a story in it. Easy la to say; imagine a hospital and u take a picture. Somehow there are stories in it and each person in the pic played out a part right?. Something like that laa…tak paham call me;p So, we acted out a World War ii pic; I was the grenade thrower..hehe…a ‘kenduri’ pic; I was the groom..and Iriz was a drunk guy poured a drink to the bride and groom~haha! A ‘schools out’ pic~it was crazy, a pic where the kids in school was happy for school holiday…and the best one, act out a pic of a porn movie making..hehe, Iriz and I kinda banged Adam, and I couldn’t stop laughing la for that one..And come The Matrix pic and Step Up dance off pic, and it was all crazy and fun of course~letih tau even sound like senang sangat~

And the fun workshop ended at 5 o’clock and I ended learning so much about acting and everything (taknak la cite sume, nanti Sazzy and Aishah marah laa..xsuprise;p) was full of new experience to me..and I met the coolest bunch of people and I’m glad that I attended this workshop and they can make you an actor or an actress if you want to..hehe.promote cikit.

i look kinda silly la in this pic..if two of the most beautiful in Malaysia, both at your side, what else can you do other than looking kinda silly?

with Lash;the specky and Adam

Iriz with Shahila and Elle in the red

Before going back, we took pictures and another pictures and a lot of pictures (yela, bukan selalu I got to meet ‘em, kena la kampong sikit)..and Aishah and Sazzy wrote me some blurbs on my autograph book (aww..kampung sangat mintak autograph;p)..It was so much fun~!!!!! Love all of you people~!!! Hope to see you all again~

the coolest bunch of people i've ever met~!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

high school; bring back memories

I wrote this on blog on the 11th of January.

I am home in kedah, reached here all the way from k.l with my high school friend apui. And come to think about it, wow, we made it pass schooling year. My bunch of friends and I, we still hang out and doing what we did best. I still people in high school and my brothers, my entourage. Yeah, I would say that cause I remember that we didn’t have any arguments or fought with each other. Suprisingly yeah. We did the same stuff together, ate at the same favorite place, play the same sport and basically we did everything together.

Haha. My peeps; the biggy apui, the genius fuad, the towering tall farid, the rockstar izuan, the unpredictable rizal, the rangga deris a.k.a hafee.

Still remember what we were in high school and what we did. We were in the same school for 5 years and we weren’t in the same class up until we were in form 4. Right after pmr, we stayed in the same school, and bang, fate brought us together, we got into 4 Kejuruteraan 1. Hehe, all of us wanna be engineers (yeah, right).

We were a bunch of menace back them, we skip school together, we hang out most of the time together and we have passion for football. And the thing that I love about us is, we don’t judge each other and we don’t argue or fight even if we have different opinions about stuff. And one more thing, we love girls.haha.

Wow, I am really impressed with us. How a bunch of guys stick together for many years and still hang out with each other. What we have was brotherhood rather than just friendship. I remember, that we laughed to any of us who scored the lowest marks in tests and exams.haha.and we would skip school together to hang out at my place just to play video games and that video games was like games of defending our pride. We usually skip school on Wednesday cause the schedule on that day kinda suck. So on every Wednesday, all of us won’t be in class. I remember the teachers back then, they said we are a bunch of geniuses but we were lazy and just don’t care. Teachers were furious, try to take action and you how teachers act, bla.bla.bla. but we don’t really care. Hehe. So sempoi back then. Our take on the world was quite simple; don’t worry bout shit, just be happy. And being happy we did. The only guy that has a girlfriend was just izuan and still, up until now, he is still with her school girlfriend. Bless you dude, I know you are a great guy. And all of us was kinda busy being stupid and get into trouble, and we are single.hehe. though girls wanna date us, (me especially;p) we don’t quite care.haha.

I remember that one time we kinda steals the books and bunch of stuff from the koperasi, and we gathered all that stuff, and put it in our class’s loker, and we made announcement to our class that anyone who wanted to use books or anything, don’t buy it, just take it from the locker. We stole it. Haha. Cool, we played robin hood;p and use the stuff our class did. The books were enough for one whole year.

And during weekends, we still hang out. And our plan of hanging out would be playing video games like crazy for the whole weekends.haha. and chat, and do stupid stuff. And we don’t do drugs or smoke. We found that stuff is, I don’t know, it doesn’t suit us. We don’t sit together and read books or study. but we did score in finals. Hehe, we are not stupid though.

I remember Cikgu Aton, she was all serious and strict the first time she got into our class. And yeah, scared we are. The whole class. And I remember that one time, she told the whole class to read that sastera book, and I did not. She asked me to go up in front of the class and tell the class about the first chapter. I did go, and I made up my own story, without any relations to that book. hehe, she smile and laughed . And told me to read the book next time. But as times goes by, she kinda grow into us. She notice that we are not hopeless or anything, smart but notty je…we scored her paper. She loves us. Still found time to visit her up until now. Love everything that u taught us and we still carried it in our head, smart as hell in Bahasa Melayu..:)

And I know that we annoyed most of our teacher, but I really do appreciate and grateful that they taught us in school. I know that Cikgu Zaina left that school because of us..hehe.nakal sangat.mintak maap byk2 Cikgu Zaina wherever you are. And Mdm. Khor, thanks for teaching us the Add Math. I know that most of us sleep during your class, and we flunk our tests and pop quizzes but we pass our SPM;p hehe.

And Cikgu Jamilah, eventhough I’m the class representative, sorry I couldn’t behave.hehe. kami suke sangat dengan kelas Lukisan Kejuruteraan.

Cikgu Ramlah, thanks for being patient with us..we skip your classes a lot, didn’t do our homework and so on..kinda dumb in doing the experiments..hehe..sleep in your class..didn’t mean to. I could quite figure out Chemistry though;p Cikgu Halimahton, u too..thanks for being patient with us..we did the same thing with you but we scored our Physics paper:D

Seriously, really miss high school.oww..really wanna be there for the last time. I bet so much have changed. And Cikgu Azlan, Cikgu Yazi, Ustaz Khalid and those who has been patient with us during school..thanks. friends and classmates, miss all of you so much. I’ve done lots of great things there, made mistakes, and I feel blessed cause I’ve been there. I wouldn’t change a thing and won’t trade it for something else. My schooling years in Kedah was my most preciousJ

Fyi, Apui, Izuan and Rizal are currently studying in Shah Alam. Finishing their degree. Well, Rizal is his batch’s best student with the Vice Chancellor Award as the best student. (told ya we are not stupid.haha) deris a.k.a hafee is currently working in k.l and fuad is an engineer now, at 22.haha. the tall Farid is currently doing his degree in Maktab Perguruan, he is goin to be a teacher someday.hehe. siap la kau..

And to all my teachers, we appreciate what you have taught and what we have learned. We love all of you.

sitting next to the teacher was me..hehe..i look like a fool..there are also apui; standing at the back row, number 2 from the left. the tallest one is farid and the genius fuad is standing on the first right.

sitting down was rizal and izuan; from the right, the second and the third seat.

Summary of love

Summary of love

I spend the last 2 years and 9 months with her and she decided to leave. Wow, it made me think. Was it really that easy? After you made promises and say ‘I love u’, and you just gave up on us? Saying you are tired and bored of me? Saying u regretted spending those years with me?

I know myself, I’m an optimist and I’m not judgmental. I’m kind. I’m nice. And to me, honestly I think that women are the most beautiful creation of God. I tend to treat girl with respect and I love being nice to them. I grew up with my mom and my two sisters and most of my cousins are girls and also my best friend is a girl. So I’m use to be nice to ‘em. And you took advantage of it.
We met at our friends hang out bash, and we started saying ‘hi’..and chat..we left that place exchanging number and taking pictures. And the rest is history. We started as friends and we fell for each other. We couldn’t believe it right? Yeah, that’s what we agreed on. We dated, say ‘I love you’ and we kissed. We were swept away by each other.

I remember the good times we had, the times we share, even the arguments. How your tears burst when you tell me about your situation and problems. Sorry I couldn’t really solve ‘em but I did my best to make you feel better.

I remember that I spent all I had just for you so you could be happy. I spoiled you very much and treat you like a princess. And I don’t ask for anything back, just loyalty. Just that.
The biggest decision that I made was to buy a car cause you like to ‘jalan-jalan’. I did it right? You were surprised when I got that car, you couldn’t believe that I managed to do that. And some of other stuff before the car. Like chasing to get to you on time before you got on your train home so I could just be there and cheer you up. Remember the birthday I planned for you when I made you that Pink Tiramisu? I know how do you love pink so much and you love eating tiramisu, I made it into one. You were thrilled. And your birthday gift was a shopping spree from me. I did do everything for you, fulfilling your wishes. And you punish my little mistake by cheating on me, twice. And you chose to leave me for like 3 times. I forgave you when you wanna get back to me each and every time, saying ‘I love you’. How could I have believed those lips? I forgive you because I love you and everytime you came back, I wish that you could stay true to me and not lie to me. I put you in my pray every night so you would stay loyal and unbelievably, I wanna marry you. I stood by even the odds are against me. I didn’t leave you even when you hurt me. Because you cried when you said ‘I love you’ and begged me to be with you all the time, and not leaving you; I stayed believing and trusting those lips of an angel.

When I think about it, I have millions of chances to cheat on you and I chose not to, it is against what I believe and what I stand for. I don’t wanna lie to you and I know it would have hurt you very bad if I did that. I think about you all the time but your insecurity accused me of not thinking of you. If I haven’t been thinking of you, I wouldn’t stay with you for a long time. You believe what your friends said about me, instead of what I said. You listen to your friends, instead of me. And you listen to them that you should probably leave me for good, again.
If I wanna write about all the things I did right or wrong, this blog wouldn’t be enough. If I wanna write how I felt about you, this blog wouldn’t be enough. If I wanna write about everything I’ve planned, about the future, this blog wouldn’t be enough to describe everything. Despite all of that, you decided to leave because of another guy said ‘I love you’, and you believe him. He did all the things that I do when we were first met, flowers and continuous calls and texting. You looked back and wish I was that kinda ‘guy’ again. Sorry I grew up thinking about the future, about our future. I wanna create a perfect everything for you and I wanna do everything just to get all the stuff that you dream and wish for. And you left because you thought I don’t need you.

I know you are a pessimist; everything turns to be negative to you. And I kinda defy everything that you believe. You don’t believe in yourself, but I do. You cry when you are sad, but I did not. You whine and complain about everything, but I accept things just the way they are. You are a nightmare to someone positive, but to me you are not. You know what I’m capable of doing; when I succeeded when you said I will fail. Each and everytime, when you said I will fail, I prove you wrong. Haha, that’s me. I challenge myself so I can be what I wanted to be, I can do what I wanted to do and even if the chance of me succeeding is lower than 1%, I believe I can be. I stood by you, even with your insults and disbelieving of my capability. And you were constantly annoyed by that; calling me ‘mr. everything right’. You can say anything about me but I won’t judge you. You can be cynical and sarcastic towards me, but I believe in me. Everything that I said I can be, everything that dreamt about, I will achieve it. All I wanted back then was you, standing by me and cheering for me.

Guess I was wrong about you. My optimism couldn’t quite get to you. And you left.
I felt it when you left. I couldn’t live one day without thinking of you. I couldn’t watch tv or listen to the radio without anything reminds me of you. Everything we did, everything we shared, it keeps playing in my head each day. I couldn’t describe how I feel let alone write about how I feel.

Jeez..u know, I’ll be better and one day, I’ll run across your mind. But you don’t have to worry, I’ll be fine, I’ll be alright. I’m blessed that i don’t get to know what we could have been, what we should have been.

You’ll think of me.

the beginning

Campus life

I couldn’t remember the exact date, but the decision I made on that day kinda change my life. When everybody was happy and excited with the acceptance of their application to the college or university that they chose, I was still waiting. I know I didn’t get accepted as my first choice was the Diploma of Mechanical Engineering and I suck at Physics and Maths. I wasn’t depressed but I wanna get accepted without having to wait for another 6 months. My mom or my dad didn’t know about this, so I went out and made an appeal letter and change my first choice to hmm...i like watching the food network on tv, I love food, I love eating and having a restaurant as a business in the future wouldn’t be a bad choice. So, I chose to study in Diploma in Culinary Arts. I sent the letter of appealing and waited.

Yeah, I didn’t know exactly how long will it take for ‘em to read the letter or accept me into the university, but I’m positive. Just to kill the time I have, I enrolled myself into my school and apply for form 6. Hehe..i see many of my friends did it as they are also waiting for the university acceptance letter. Have fun at the school for almost 2 months and most of the people I know, left already for college already. I chose to have fun some more.

And one day I came home and noticed a letter for me. I was excited. And I rip off the edge of the envelope and check it out..yayayayayaaaaahaaaaaaaa~!!!!

I was accepted into the Mara University of Technology to study for the Diploma in Culinary Arts!!

I told my mum I wanna go for this and she was ok with it. And I call the university management, asked about everything and they told me to go there as quickly as I can because my classes had started for almost 2 months already and I have to catch up everything that have been taught.
Exactly two days after I received the acceptance letter, got everything ready and ready to live my life in Kedah to spend 3 years in Terengganu. I kissed my mum and my sisters and head off there with just my dad to Terengganu, it took like 8 hours from Kedah to get there. Spend a night in a motel and head off to UiTM early morning to ‘check in’..hehe..and my life in campus started right there..