Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the beginning

Campus life

I couldn’t remember the exact date, but the decision I made on that day kinda change my life. When everybody was happy and excited with the acceptance of their application to the college or university that they chose, I was still waiting. I know I didn’t get accepted as my first choice was the Diploma of Mechanical Engineering and I suck at Physics and Maths. I wasn’t depressed but I wanna get accepted without having to wait for another 6 months. My mom or my dad didn’t know about this, so I went out and made an appeal letter and change my first choice to hmm...i like watching the food network on tv, I love food, I love eating and having a restaurant as a business in the future wouldn’t be a bad choice. So, I chose to study in Diploma in Culinary Arts. I sent the letter of appealing and waited.

Yeah, I didn’t know exactly how long will it take for ‘em to read the letter or accept me into the university, but I’m positive. Just to kill the time I have, I enrolled myself into my school and apply for form 6. Hehe..i see many of my friends did it as they are also waiting for the university acceptance letter. Have fun at the school for almost 2 months and most of the people I know, left already for college already. I chose to have fun some more.

And one day I came home and noticed a letter for me. I was excited. And I rip off the edge of the envelope and check it out..yayayayayaaaaahaaaaaaaa~!!!!

I was accepted into the Mara University of Technology to study for the Diploma in Culinary Arts!!

I told my mum I wanna go for this and she was ok with it. And I call the university management, asked about everything and they told me to go there as quickly as I can because my classes had started for almost 2 months already and I have to catch up everything that have been taught.
Exactly two days after I received the acceptance letter, got everything ready and ready to live my life in Kedah to spend 3 years in Terengganu. I kissed my mum and my sisters and head off there with just my dad to Terengganu, it took like 8 hours from Kedah to get there. Spend a night in a motel and head off to UiTM early morning to ‘check in’..hehe..and my life in campus started right there..

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