Monday, November 30, 2009

Eid Ul Adha; Time for Sacrifices and Redemption

Eid Ul Adha was celebrated in my hometown in Kedah. Tiada aktiviti balik kampung di Kelantan sebab banjir. Dapatlah beramah dengan sahabat-sahabat yang membesar bersama.

Suprisingly, all of them, masih berada dalam lingkungan dan jarak yang dekat untuk dihubungi. Masih ada disekeliling. Satu pun tidak putus. Lucky i have them as friends. If i wanna make a list, it would be a long list.

The morning started with the Eid Ul Adha prayer and preach. Beautiful morning. Everything was just right. Mom cooked great dishes, dad helped a bit and smoke a lot while at it. And i was just there to watch my parents sebab malas and be a delivery boy to send those dishes to the neighbors and friends.

Pergi rumah jiran terhebat dari zaman kecik-kecik dulu, Jan; pronounced Poyo sangat kalau kena pronounce macam ni.

Ha,bajet stail.Hehe.Tekan loceng dan mendengar jeritan, "Wei,hang cakap kat budak-budak mai raya tu duit raya takdak! Suruh depa pi kot lain!".

Nice. Hahahahahaha. Oh, Jan is one of my childhood friend who once dated Sue; also a part of my childhood community.

Dia ingat budak-budak datang beraya untuk duit raya dan dia tak suka. We ended up borak-borak sekejap(terlupa nak ke rumah Sue) dan makan 3 kali tambah. It was fun, and i was late to go to Fuad's and then Sue's.

Sempat ke rumah Fuad bagi makanan raya, salam mak dia dan borak kejap. Uish, adik ko dah besar semua. Uish, makin comel adik pompuan ko. Dan dia ajak aku blah terus. Cantek. Hehe. Terus ke rumah Sue!

Fuad berkereta baru dan beraya dengan kereta beliau. Mampir ke tengahari di rumah Sue. Dan Yantie turut ada sekali. Memenuhi aktiviti makan sambil membebel. Dan jelas sekali Sue dan Yantie tiada ciri-ciri isteri yang duduk di dapur.(yes,saya tahu mereka membaca)

Korang lagi cantek duduk kat opis atau mana-mana tempat yang tak melibatkan dapur. Tak sesuai haa..hidang air pun fail! Huh! :-)

Raya kann~so terus beraya ke rumah Apui pulakkk~meninggalkan Sue dan Yantie melayan tetamu lain.

So Apui has been the closest friend i had 'til now. And i've been close to his family too. Especially his mom. Tak tahu kenapa but somehow she is cool enough to talk about anything with me. His father is a bit strict but i've known him for a while already. He is an engineer so he and Fuad talked a lot. Aku harammm sepatah tak paham. Yang diingat ialah boiler, valve, urea, magnesium chloride, fire valve, steam cert; dimana ini ialah jargons engineer yang aku tak paham sepatah. I look retarded during the engineers' conversation and i ended up helping Apui's mom in the kitchen. Oh, we had some more food that afternoon.

Fuad, Sue dan Yantie. Adha terbaik dengan kawan-kawan. So i hope to spend more time with all i've grown into.

p/s: Mari bergembira.

Love at First Sight?; It's True!

Why do men believe in love at first sight?

Because it saved them time.

Love; This Is Too Easy

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Emotionally Unstable; Gila Kah?

Kalau sesimple kejadian, keadaan; boleh membuatkan kita separa gila, hanya bermakna satu perkara.

Kita emotionally unstable.

So it is. I suffer from that syndrome.

Or is it i'm a Drama King?

p/s: Nothing seems to bother me, but it tend to be that way. It bothers me.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Selesa Sangat; Home Sweet Home

Keadaan tidak sihat masih menghuni badan.

Dah berada di kampung halaman.

  1. Pasembor Restoran Thajudeen masih terbaik.
  2. Jalan masuk ke taman rumah sendiri masih creepy dengan 3 pokok ara dan pokok kekabu.( favorite langsuir; yang memang selalu ada dengar malam-malam)
  3. Tesco dan Giant dah bergaduh kat sini, diorang bukak bisnes sebelah menyebelah. Bodoh.
  4. Hotel makin banyak.(Tapak pelancongan ke sini? Ke tapak pelacuran?)
  5. Banyak jalan baru.
  6. Banyak gadis baru di area rumah. Wow.
  7. Dan banyak kawan-kawan menganggur jugak.
  8. Malam masih creepy.
  9. Oh, aku masih malas nak berjalan sama macam di K.L. Prefer life tepi pantai lah.
  10. Katil rumah yang cozy masih cozy.
  11. Berebut TV dengan ahli keluarga adalah yang terbaik.
  12. Oh, roti canai Taman Ria adalah yang terindah.
  13. Tiada tol. Terbaik.
  14. Food! Murah ohhh~
  15. Selesa bermalas-malas dirumah cuti ini. Heaven~
Tidak dapat pulang ke Kelantan untuk raya sebab banjir. Banjir pon ok what? Bole berenang,memancing,berkayak,scuba diving; and sadly that idea got brutally rejected by my mom. No balik kampung.

p/s: Beraya haji beserta karaoke ohh~

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Satisfaction; That's What I'm Looking For

Okey, here's a thing.

People loves seeing me doing the things they want me to do.

For example, my job.

Right now, i'm working on my own time doing what i wanna do. Yeah, what i earn is not much but it is what i like. I'm kinda sick of working with people and all, the atmosphere really suck. It wasn't what i expected. Banyak sangat yang suka menipu, banyak lagi yang suka tikam belakang. Tak best. I don't fancy that kind of confrontation.

But, people sekeliling suka sangat tolong decide what i should do. Wahh. Hebat. They thought that i'm jobless. What?? So how do you think i pay for my rent? food? bills? Sheesh~

They said i should be a lecturer, a chef, a successful financial advisor, graphic designer, or just further my study.

Ughh. And that came from the people i love. That made it hard for me to melawan.

So, i tend to follow everything they said.

Lagi la susah.

p/s: Looking for things i really wanna do.

Demotivated; Ugh, Need to Get Back Up


A lil' bit demotivated.

Dunno why.

p/s: Looking to yell out loud with my face deep on my pillow.

I Trip to The Dentist; And He Bugged Me

I went to my dentist of 14 years on Friday for my check up.

I told him to stop poking his pointy-sharp-looking-thingy on my teeth. It hurts.

Ended up with he called me a wuss.


That was embarrassing.

p/s: It hurts! Seriously!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Henry; WTF?

Nice. Nice. Now Thierry Henry is The Most Hated Man in Ireland.

p/s: check out Soccer Junkie for more soccer news.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Comedian; I'm a Comedian?

ME? A comedian?

I know i'm funny but i'm not that hilarious. The story goes like this. On Monday, i answered an ads that said, " Opportunity to become a stand-up comedian ". The person who posted that ad agree to meet at cafe and he told me to prepare 3 short jokes to present to him.

So I met him. It was Mr. Deven, one of the Raja Lawak contestant. And i go 'ooohhhhhhh'..( 'cause i never watch Raja Lawak', only the sports channel. )

He explained that he wanted to be a mentor to a soon-to-be-comedian. He asked whether i wanna be a stand-up comic or not. I said wanted to. He offered himself to train me. He asked me to present my jokes.

I did. And it wasn't funny enough for him. Ouch! And i told him a joke that happened earlier that day. He laughed. So, he wanted me to use that joke. Oh, jokes that i wrote was kinda not funny eh? And what i didn't write was funny? Haish~ this is gonna be challenging.

And one more thing. He'll train me to be on Raja Lawak within a year. WTH??

Eventhough i went 'WTH'..i agreed. Owww~so i'm a trained comedian after this huh?

p/s: Better be good. Better be good.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekenders; Berasap Sampai Kembung

Oh, tiada yang haram terlibat di meja ini. Harap para ibunda tidak salah faham. Anakanda amat skema sekali. Ecewah.

Weekends terlalu meletihkan.

2 hours of sleep and 46 hours of hangin' out with the friends. All at the same place; Al-
Andalus. Of course with Azree, Brada and Ejan. We've been living together for 2 years now, and having so much fun doing nothing. This is my kinda life.

Fuhhhhhhhhhhh~*blowing smoke*..feeling shisha macam pot.


First, we went karaoke in Bukit Bintang, and afterwards, shisha~and playin' poker. With the additional of 3 girls we met there, An, Mek and Syue~melayankan permainan kad dan teka-teki..thanks for the company. We had a blast.

Pulang jam 5.30 pagi. Sampai terus sambung di mamak kesayangan pulak. Roti canai garing dan teh tarik yang heaven.

Pulang tidak tidur dan terus melayan Ahad. Sangat layan~(*.*)

Just a 2 hours nap. Thank God it was sufficient.


Sunday night was thoroughly spent with the rugby crowd; Amie, Emi, Cint and Shasha. Still the same thing, shisha sampai pagi~Fuhhhhhhhhh~*blowing smoke*..perut kembung asap ohh..

We played poker like in the casino, smoked shisha like it was marijuana, drank Barbican like it was supposed to make us drunk, and we had fun laughing like we were high.

We left at 5 a.m and sambung di 222 untuk breakfast nasi lemak terbaik, Nasi Lemak Suri.

After feeling quite heavy on the head, went back to get the sufficient sleep we are suppose to get.

Fuhhhhhhhh~*blowing smoke*..harap dapat lepak-lepak begini dengan semua lagi..

p/s: Ugh. Missing my peeps.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

2012; Misunderstood

So I thought the movie 2012 was gonna be in theater in 2012. And i think i was relevant to think that.

It is actually showing in 2010? Pfttt!!

p/s: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

Annoyed; You're Dumb.

You are in the movie. Enjoying it. And then you started to get annoyed. 'Cause your fellow audience that sat a seat or two chair away from you started asking stupid question about the movie, to her boyfriend, out loud. Wow, how annoying. And a brilliant way to annoy other people too.

Dude, don't watch any movie with your girlfriend.

She might end up getting boo-ed. Sheesh~

p/s: Pisau Cukur is great!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sad,sad,sad; Dwell Upon A Lost


No, nothing. Everything's alright.

Just dwelling on Manchester United's lost.


p/s: I should get a life. Arrr!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Envy; Perangai Syaitan Woah

Oh. Sangat envy melihat relationship orang lain.


loneliness rules!

p/s: Looking to be a pirate. So, wanna be my crew? anyone?