Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Comedian; I'm a Comedian?

ME? A comedian?

I know i'm funny but i'm not that hilarious. The story goes like this. On Monday, i answered an ads that said, " Opportunity to become a stand-up comedian ". The person who posted that ad agree to meet at cafe and he told me to prepare 3 short jokes to present to him.

So I met him. It was Mr. Deven, one of the Raja Lawak contestant. And i go 'ooohhhhhhh'..( 'cause i never watch Raja Lawak', only the sports channel. )

He explained that he wanted to be a mentor to a soon-to-be-comedian. He asked whether i wanna be a stand-up comic or not. I said wanted to. He offered himself to train me. He asked me to present my jokes.

I did. And it wasn't funny enough for him. Ouch! And i told him a joke that happened earlier that day. He laughed. So, he wanted me to use that joke. Oh, jokes that i wrote was kinda not funny eh? And what i didn't write was funny? Haish~ this is gonna be challenging.

And one more thing. He'll train me to be on Raja Lawak within a year. WTH??

Eventhough i went 'WTH'..i agreed. Owww~so i'm a trained comedian after this huh?

p/s: Better be good. Better be good.

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