Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Satisfaction; That's What I'm Looking For

Okey, here's a thing.

People loves seeing me doing the things they want me to do.

For example, my job.

Right now, i'm working on my own time doing what i wanna do. Yeah, what i earn is not much but it is what i like. I'm kinda sick of working with people and all, the atmosphere really suck. It wasn't what i expected. Banyak sangat yang suka menipu, banyak lagi yang suka tikam belakang. Tak best. I don't fancy that kind of confrontation.

But, people sekeliling suka sangat tolong decide what i should do. Wahh. Hebat. They thought that i'm jobless. What?? So how do you think i pay for my rent? food? bills? Sheesh~

They said i should be a lecturer, a chef, a successful financial advisor, graphic designer, or just further my study.

Ughh. And that came from the people i love. That made it hard for me to melawan.

So, i tend to follow everything they said.

Lagi la susah.

p/s: Looking for things i really wanna do.

1 comment:

Miss Rosy Daisy said...

i paham..
sumhow ppl love to decide for us..
wonder why they never do whatever they expect us to do..
sungguh tak bagus~