Sunday, September 27, 2015

R.AGE Food Fight: Double Grilled Cheese Nookie Burger Recipe

As Malaysians, we love to eat.

Being a foodie, what I found lacking in the street burger are; innovation, the willingness to go crazy with their burger, lack of creativity in creating new menu.

And to fulfill my love and lust of street burger, this is my on take on our favorite food.

I call it 'Double Grilled Cheese Nookie Burger'.

Check out the video and the full recipe below.


  1. Holland Onions
  2. Tomato
  3. Romaine Lettuce/Yau Mak Tam 
  4. Beef Patties 
  5. Bread
  6. Cheddar Cheese
  7. Palm Oil


1. Preheat the pan. Put in the palm oil.

2. Slice the onion and put it in the pan. This is to caramelized the onion. You can season it if you want to.

3. To prepare the 'Nookie Burger', you need 2 beef patties. TIPS: Ramly's beef patties works well with this recipe. They weigh about 100 gram per patty, so you'll have about 200 grams of meat for your burger.

4. In between the beef patties, put in a slice of Cheddar cheese. Fold it and put it in the middle of the two beef patties.

5. Press the side of the patties. make sure it's tight enough to hold the Cheddar cheese slice and the juice inside.

6. Put the beef patty in the same pan as the caramelized onion. Cook it together. TIPS: Cooking it together will ensure the juice is absorbed by the caramelized onion as well.

7. Put the lid on the pan. Let it steamed and cooked. Flip it once one side of the patty is cooked. Turn off the fire and let it rest. TIPS: DON'T 'PLAY' WITH THE BEEF PATTY. You want to ensure the juice stays inside the patty, You want a juicy beef patty for your burger.

8. Preheat a flat pan. Spread 4 slices of bread with the palm oil. Put it on the pan TIPS: This is to ensure the bread is nicely browned and have the extra crisp to hold the beef patty.

9. Once it's nicely charred and brown, put in 2 Cheddar cheese slices on 2 of the bread and top it with the other slices. Let the Cheedar cheese melts and take it out. TIPS: If you like any other type of cheese, you can use it. Go crazy, it's normal.

10. On the grilled cheese, put on some Romaine Lettuce and sliced tomato. TIPS: You can put or use any other kind of condiments in your burger if you don't like Romaine Lettuce or tomato. Up to your imagination.

11. Take the beef patty out and put it on the grilled cheese sandwich, over the Romaine Lettuce and sliced tomato. Put the caramelized onion the beef patty and put the remaining grilled cheese sandwich on top of it and Voila.

12. Serve it hot and eat with friends.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Parodi; Kisah Ada Lembu Nak Jaga

Aku suka parodi.

Weird Al Yankovic dan Leslie Nielsen adalah antara yang terbaik menghasilkan parodi. Pecah perut kalau melayan diorang.

Parodi tu apa?

Parodi tu abah kau. Maksud parodi ialah karya ajukan berdasarkan karya asal. Tujuan sebenarnya adalah untuk melawak; tiada unsur-unsur serius.

Sebelum ni, komuniti Twitterjaya ada keluarkan satu parodi berdasarkan lagu Najwa Latiff; Cinta Muka Buku yang ditukarkan kepada Cinta Muka Bulu. Boleh tahan jugak tahap lawaknya.

Ramai yang 'LOL'. 

Sekarang ada pulak yang baru, dari komuniti yang sama, parodi 'Move Like Jagger' berjaya dilawakkan kepada 'Lembu Nak Jaga'.


Kalau 'Move Like Jagger' mengisahkan, apa lagi 'Move Like Jagger', 'Lembu Nak Jaga' mengisahkan lagu tentang hubungan laki bini. Laki kena buli, bini kaki control. In the mean time, ada lembu nak kena jaga.

Aku merapu banyak pun tak guna.

Layan sudah.

Parodi ini adalah win. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

OctTwtFest ; The Birth of an Awesome Historical Event.

I think October is an awesome month to be in Germany.

They have the Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest is a beer festival that are held for 16-18 days and is is held annually in Munich, Germany. It's actually one of the famous event in the world with more than 5 millions people would gather just to drink.

Up to 17 million litres beers are served with in the span of 18 days of the event.
Only beers, nothing else.

And in the span of that 18 days, expect to the 5 millions of people throw up and pass out everywhere in Munich. It's really a fun an eventful gathering. Ha-ha!

Oh, I don't drink but damn, it's a good month to fancy them German girls.
I mean, who wouldn't?

Nein? Nein? Nein? 
Oktoberfest; one of the greatest human invention.

Would love to go to Germany one and prolly get wasted there, just for the heck of it.

But, I'm in Malaysia.
I accept that fact very well.
And I don't drink.
That's a fact.

But but but but, one awesome fact for being in Malaysia; we have OctTwtFest!

Be there, and you won't be forever alone.

OctTwtFest or as mentioned on Twitter by the residence of Twitterjaya, #OctTwtFest; is a Twtup event (gathering of people that are connected through Twitter).

The idea of Twtup is to meet new people and meet new friends all over Malaysia. #OctTwtFest is a continuation of #Oct23rdTwtup that was held back in 23rd October 2010.

Because of the overwhelming response from the tweeps who attended the event, it is now an annual event called #OctTwtFest. Oh yeah!


The goals of this event is not only for meeting new people in Malaysia, but they've planned to:-

  • Gather at least 1500 people at this event.
  • Beat the current Guinness Book of Record; 1,149 check-ins at a Twtup.

  • Unlock the Epic Swarm Badge (more than 1000 check-ins at a venue).

    And my friend, this event is definitely an awesome one. An epic proportion of epicness event in Malaysia.

    Not only that, they'll have :- 

  • Live performances by tweeps and local celebrities.
  • Karaoke halls.
  • Movie marathon in their own mini cinema hall
  • PS3 game competition; FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, and Rock Band.
  • Indoor and outdoor bazaar.
  • October babies birthday celebrations.
  • Ongoing #twittercrush dedication.
  • Live feed of #OctTwtFest.
  • Twister competition and many other board games.
  • Tweet challenges. Prizes sponsored by DiGi.
  • Lucky draw.
  • Photo booth.
  • And various attractions around OctTwtFest venue.

  • Damn, that's a handful of things to do in one day...which is awesome!

    If you're still looking for something to do this coming 22nd October, this is THE EVENT for you. 
    If you already have a plan, cancel it and choose OctTwtFest.

    I can personally assure you that this event will go on without booze and drugs; tell that to your parents kiddo.

    This event will be like Oktoberfest in Munich.
    But minus the girls and beers and you'll get the gathering of human beings.

    Look at the bright sight, you won't see any drunk fighting and people vomiting, passing out on the ground. And that sounds like a good deal for me. Ha-ha!

    It's a great time to meet the awesome tweeps such as @karrotgold, @AidaSue, @ainaazizi, @aizadfahmy, @liyOthman and others as well.

    And I know you are all psyched up to meet your #twittercrush; @ciksenah, @zombilla, @obefiend, @nadhirabrundage, @markonahsood and definitely @zullicious. Ha-ha!

    This event will like a Woodstock, but less people. And as for the 'keyboard warriors', please come.

    In OctTwtFest, you'll have the chance to meet up with people you've bashed over the internet.

    Yes, you, you are the actual loser. 
    But hey, OctTwtFest do not judge, critic and discriminate people. You are accepted to join this eventful event.

    Remember, you bashed them, have some balls to face 'em. Ha-ha!

    Okay, now the serious stuff. 

    OctTwtFest; there will be FREE FLOW of halal food and drinks.
    Yes my friend, you're a college student and you've blown your budget over that new iPhone, you can go to OctTwtFest. And later on, that smartphone of yours is gonna be useful to check-in at the event. 

    Makan already, and afterwards, you better check-in for the Epic Swarm Badge.

    Be friendly, and meet new people. Expand your network and be part of this awesome historical event.
    Looking forward to meet all of the tweeps in OctTwtFest!

    Spread the news, bring your friends.

    OctTwtFest will be held in :-

    DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd, 
    Lot 10, Jalan Delima 1/1
    Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park

    40000, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan
    GPS: 3.0689098253134692, 101.56967639923096 

    See you there awesome earthlings!

    Remember, this girls won't be there. Only in your head.

    Further details can be found on or follow @OctTwtFest on Twitter.

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    It Was a Great Season; Glory Glory

    Feck, next time, don't bet against Barca.
    Barcelona was majestic and masterclass.
    Messi was out of this world.

    I lost the bet and this is what I have to wear this week.

    Manchester United, it was a great season.
    Now aim for the 20th, bring in some new players.
    Keep on believing and see you next season.

    Glory glory Man United.

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    Happy Mother's Day; Appreciate.

    This is my mom, and I love her so much.

    Happy Mother's day, I'm here to make you proud.

    Friday, December 31, 2010

    2011; It's going to be Legendary..ER!!

    Oh yeah awesomeness!!

    2010 was so fast and damn, I couldn't accomplish much due to my lack of actually doing it.

    I could even finish my 2010 plan, now it's already 2011. Now have to re-plan everything and it could take sometime. Dayyumm.

    Now' I'm going to start 2011 by finishing my list of 2010 goals and accomplish it in 2011. Awesome. It's going to take some time and I'm going to do it. Yes, have to do it. And to do it, that's the problem. I'm lazy.

    Let's just post the picture for the things I want to have in 2011.

    A new bike.
    A new car.

    And i think that's about it. Damn. Just two? 2011 will be easy then. It can't be too much either, and I guess I want to have a Korean girls singing group as my 'pets' is not relevant. Bah!

    For the new year, I just want to stay positive and try not to stress on the little things. I find that broad enough to be applied to all goals that I may come up over the time of 2011. I find it that whenever people set direct and specific goals, whenever they don’t achieve it, it’s disappointment.

    Being positive isn’t as hard as trying to work out every single day if you were a person that didn’t work out at all in 2010. You just have to remind yourself that things could be worse and try to make light of the situation. It’s not the end of the world, life goes on and so should you.

    Not stressing about the little things and staying positive goes hand and hand, I would think.

    Not unreasonable goals, I would say.

    2011, here I come.

    Oh, one more thing.

    2011, will be with the abs.

    But without the workout. Damn.


    Thursday, December 30, 2010

    I'm a Proud Malaysian!! Roaarrrrr!!!

    I was in the crowd to celebrate. Damn we are awesome.

    This is the view from my shitty phone.

    ROARRRRR!!!! This is Malaysia!!!!

    Our new heroes!! Keep supporting them Malaysians!!
    AFF Suzuki Cup top scorer: Safee Sahli. 

    Safee Sahli, you gave me enough reason to go out and buy Malaysian jersey with your name printed at the back. Epic awesomeness!!

    Abe kelate kito semat habihhhhh!! Mu meme terer!!!
    Khairul Fahmi; he is only 5' 8'' but he's standing tall for all of Malaysians. Awesome reaction to deny the penalty and what a shot-stopper. World class.

    Now Malaysians, don't stop believing!!!





    Back to Anfield.

    Another facepalm.
    A home defeat to the Wolves?? Damn, y'all are fucked.

    Oh hell yeah, YNWA. You'll Never Win Anything.