Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm a Proud Malaysian!! Roaarrrrr!!!

I was in the crowd to celebrate. Damn we are awesome.

This is the view from my shitty phone.

ROARRRRR!!!! This is Malaysia!!!!

Our new heroes!! Keep supporting them Malaysians!!
AFF Suzuki Cup top scorer: Safee Sahli. 

Safee Sahli, you gave me enough reason to go out and buy Malaysian jersey with your name printed at the back. Epic awesomeness!!

Abe kelate kito semat habihhhhh!! Mu meme terer!!!
Khairul Fahmi; he is only 5' 8'' but he's standing tall for all of Malaysians. Awesome reaction to deny the penalty and what a shot-stopper. World class.

Now Malaysians, don't stop believing!!!





Back to Anfield.

Another facepalm.
A home defeat to the Wolves?? Damn, y'all are fucked.

Oh hell yeah, YNWA. You'll Never Win Anything.

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