Friday, December 31, 2010

2011; It's going to be Legendary..ER!!

Oh yeah awesomeness!!

2010 was so fast and damn, I couldn't accomplish much due to my lack of actually doing it.

I could even finish my 2010 plan, now it's already 2011. Now have to re-plan everything and it could take sometime. Dayyumm.

Now' I'm going to start 2011 by finishing my list of 2010 goals and accomplish it in 2011. Awesome. It's going to take some time and I'm going to do it. Yes, have to do it. And to do it, that's the problem. I'm lazy.

Let's just post the picture for the things I want to have in 2011.

A new bike.
A new car.

And i think that's about it. Damn. Just two? 2011 will be easy then. It can't be too much either, and I guess I want to have a Korean girls singing group as my 'pets' is not relevant. Bah!

For the new year, I just want to stay positive and try not to stress on the little things. I find that broad enough to be applied to all goals that I may come up over the time of 2011. I find it that whenever people set direct and specific goals, whenever they don’t achieve it, it’s disappointment.

Being positive isn’t as hard as trying to work out every single day if you were a person that didn’t work out at all in 2010. You just have to remind yourself that things could be worse and try to make light of the situation. It’s not the end of the world, life goes on and so should you.

Not stressing about the little things and staying positive goes hand and hand, I would think.

Not unreasonable goals, I would say.

2011, here I come.

Oh, one more thing.

2011, will be with the abs.

But without the workout. Damn.


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