Friday, December 19, 2008

the hardest thing

sometimes the best things to do would be the hardest things to do..

i just realize, that she is moving on with her life..i can't blame her for that and i can't blame her for leaving either, humans are born with options to be chosen..n she chose to leave..i've been trying to hold on, and it makes me more miserable...

seriosly,letting go is hard when u are missing that person so so bad..

i text her early yesterday morning before leaving for work..

'Syg..mark this day as i would call u 'syg' for the last time..sometimes the best things to do would be the hardest things to do..n at this moment, the hardest thing for me to do would be to give a blessing and let u go..

i've always love u and i didn't think that we would grow apart..i really miss what u've become to me..i've always trust and believe in u..i miss everything we shared even all the arguments..

u've been great..u r great..

but we fail to be what each of us wanted each other to be..
i want u to remember all the memories and don't forget about us..
and how significant u've been to me,i can't explain in mere words..

i wouldn't want to change the past even if i have the power to do so..cause things happened for a reason..u shall live forever in my heart..:)

mark this day, u will call me 'nabil'..we begin as friend again..and i'll b a great friend, i promise..

i'm proud of u, i love u as my friend..and i love u in the past..'

i sound like a loser? but i just wanna say what i mean..sometimes we have to suck it up, dump the ego, just say it and leave it..

things will go great i believe..:)

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