Thursday, December 25, 2008

Gadis kecil bernama Effa; stupidity and idiocracy.

haha.sounds mcm bodo sgt title tuh.

the thing with male species is, bila dorg berada dlm sesuatu relationship; and that is including marriage la, they would think of a possibility being in a relationship with another person. yela,'what if' would play around in their head..'what if i hooked up with her instead of my girlfriend?'..and 'what if she is meant for me?'..'what if i suppose to be spending my whole life with her?'..that kinda of question or any other question yg sewaktu dgnnye..soalan yg agak doubtful la.

that happens to me too la.

i met a girl named Effa, when i was in the point of breaking up with my girlfriend that time..(sah2 la skrg da clash).

totally cute, adorable and simply someone who would simply stole my heart. but stupidly, i chose to stay try to work things out.regret.regret.that's an idiocracy that i chose to live life in.

yela, hari-hari manusia simply berdoa and pray they would meet a great person and wish for the exact person yg dorg bile that person ade kat dpn mata, we missed out on that person.

yela,pernah dgr cerita yg someone nearly drown and he pray to God to save him..dtg la sampan ajak naik,dia taknak..dia ckp God will save him..pastu sampan blah.dtg botlaju,he mention the same thing.and dtg sampai helikopter, die stilll mention God will save him.and at the end, he died.dah tu,pegi tanye pulak kat God kenape xsave dia?

and God said he already sent all the medium to save you but you refuse.

hmm..masaelahnye, God simply dah bagi everything depan mate and manusia xnampak. including me.look harder people.

and Effa, she is my adik angkat skrg~yela..lambat.die da ade boyfriend..that's simply an idiocracy that homo-sapiens chose to live in.

effa sangat sengal~

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