Tuesday, December 23, 2008

her name is cint..and friends.entourage.homeboys; mostly those that made the differences in life

i went out with one of my friend the other day..her name is cint.

we hanged out up till 4 a.m..just talking and sharing.laughing.and cint has been by my side since the first time i knew her and it was only a year ago.yeah,just a year ago.

i didn't quite notice what she has been to me,but she was around every time when i needed someone to talk to.she was sweet and understanding, and on top of all, she is cool.and quite a bummer la i didn't notice such person and she has been helping me a lot to cope with my break up.

you know, all my life i have been watching 'Friends, Will&Grace, How I Met Your Mother, The O.C, One Tree Hill, Entourage, Sex & the City' and how i really wish that i have that sets of friends on all of the series i watched..they would listen at any time and they will be there for you at any time..and hang out all the time and possibly, you can reach 'em at any time..and while wishing for all of that i kinda miss out on the thing i already have..though it is not the same bunch in the tv, and everything in tv is perfect la of course..but i have the best bunch i could ever ask for and i miss out on them all this while as i was busy doing 'love life'..(which it that life kinda backfire laa..)

seriously, i had the coolest bunch of people..first, the ex-school friends; Fezaru, Azri, Ezani, Apui, Fuad, Rizal, Farid, Izuan..these are my peeps, my homeboys. i grew up with 'em and had fun with 'em..a day with 'em, i would laugh until i cried and no worries, no serious stuff.haha:D

then, my own entourage; djuan and her girlfriend; emi (i was the one who fixed them up.hehe), dosh, cint!;), shikin, nana, amie, didie, sue, puteri, najwa, azree, and the latest addition, ejan, effa(my cute adik angkat.hehe)..Hmm..i could count on them no matter what. and bole be whiney with em.hehe.and layan lepak sampai pagi though memang bole just sit and talk, basically doing nothing, but enjoyable sangat-sangat..:)

and i wish could count all of the people who has made so much different in my life..(they can be counted, but i don't want to;p)

while i watch all the tv series back then, i have wished that i could have all the bunch of people in it and my very wish has been granted actually. i have the coolest and most fun, adorable and loving friends and i count em as family too.

thank God that i have all of them and i should cherish it. i really miss all the time i had with them. and love them so much!!!:D

p/s: Cint, you are the greatest;)

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