Sunday, December 14, 2008

if i'm not mistaken

it made me thinks..what do girls expect from guys actually?

i know what they want; someone who cares, someone who can spend times with 'em, someone who needs 'em and someone who love 'em..basically all that lah~

but then, i see the pattern here..most girls don't give a damn whether that guy have a bright future ahead of him or not, but as long as that fella can be all the things i mentioned there, you're the one.jeez~really?

ok, so someone whose working hard, have this big dreams and goals to achieve, and all he doesn't quite have is a lot of free time but do love you so much, so dearly..and make sure the future is going to be great for you and him, this kinda guy is not really the one.really?

and i see players do get all the girls and though most of 'em know this kind of guy, and still, they fall for him. fell for him deeply pulak tuh..players type of guy kan senang nak di recognize; pretend gentleman, a sweet talker, flirt a lot, and everything he does is right and melts you, and he would want to seal you with a kiss whatsoever, plus you are not the only one. but girls love this kinda guy. really?

what about the guys who are nice and loving but don't have the suave or the sweet mouth of a player. all he can do is treat you kindly with utmost respect and he is honest to you. the feeling is genuine; truly one girl man. this kinda guy don't really have the attention from girls. really?

i'm not judging anything but i'm fascinated by the God's creation. no matter if it's men or women, human are created not to be understood.

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