Thursday, December 25, 2008

It was Tuesday

it was 10 p.m and my friends and are going to Legong Hot Spring..and it is nothing to hanging out mandi mandi air panas sounds fun la.haha.

bertolak pukul 10 mlm and we reach there around 12 tahan lame la.sampai je kat sane ktorg lepak lepak makan dulu..minum was 9 of us.masuk to the hot spring kena 4 riggit..hehe.reasonable.

and di hot spring tu ade 3 kolam..panas,panaser and panasest.hehe.and there were a lot of people..i mean alot.i tot pegi malam takde org.

so,we changed and lepak kat kolam panas la.and it was panas enough lesson pegi hot spring is, JGN TERJUN..and i did that.damn..feel like i was thrown into boiling water and boiled.though tak mati tapi panas la..hehe.supposely,kalo pegi hot spring masuk KAKI DAHULU..and slowly up to the neck la..hehe.seksa gak.mcm nk rebus manusia pulak.

and rendam2...pastu changed to panaser...bole tahan panas and then celup tangan pon 3seconds je..panas sangat~hehe.

we hang out until 4 a.m and head home..and lepak di mamak, makan makan and stay until 5.30 a.m..tengok game chelsea seri dgn everton.reach home at 6.30 a.m..and went to sleep.basically that was my night out doing something than being online..hehe.mandi air panas best:p

bersama mereka mereka..kolam itu sangat panas tao..

asap maknenye panas..scary betol.

my best man apui

kami kami di sini sangat panas di air panas


Elsa Soraya Othman said...

ha ha. patutnya hang amik besen full air from kolam the panasest curah straight dari kepala ke lantai mcm bagi mandi budak umur 3 tahun.

baru mati suma daki.

The name is NabiL Findecano Telemnar said...

wahhh..kasar nmpak sue?hehe