Friday, December 12, 2008

Blood in Blood out, Brotherhood Bound by Honour

Arriving back to Kedah from K.l was a fun trip and i head home with high school friend, Fuad. He is currently working in Melaka, an engineer at 22. We are going back for Raya Haji of course. It was a 5 hours road trip and we kinda have time to reminisce the past.

We talk about a lot of stuff we could remember; the past, the present and the future. Furthermore, Fuad and i was the only two from our clique that are currently holding to a career and doing our best being an adult and having the responsible to carry our self around. We are having fun being grown ups while most of our friends is busy finishing their studies.

And at 11 p.m, we arrived at Juru after a few stops made along the trip. I change the driver's seat with Fuad and told him to drive. Letih laa~and he told me he couldn,t drive at night. Bad eyesight..(yeah,right) I told him to drive anyway and he nearly go me killed..jeez~it was right rupenye..u got bad eyesight~and luckily, we arrived at my house at 12.30 a.m, my whole family dah tido already~so,i told fuad to roger everybody la~lepak..i know everybody is home and lepak la during the eve of raya..Fuad called up Farid and Apui~and Rizal couldn't go out la..(mak die marah;anak mak)..hehe..sorry dude..kantoi plak..

The best feeling i love is; the feeling of being home..back in our know,Fuad and i wasn't fond of the city's food..xsedap and too expensive..yela, back in Kedah, we could still find Nasi Lemak that cost only 50 cents. The most expensive drink cost only rm1.40. Our favorite food was Pasembor/Rojak and the taste was fastastic compared to K.l..Thank God i'm home!!!!

Fuad and i went out to pick up Apui and Farid, and we kinda hang out in Nasmir, our favorite mamak place in Kedah. We did the same routine, chat and chat, joke around and being sarcastic to each other. The best part about us, we don't judge and practically we are a bunch of nice guys..compared to kids nowadays. i like that. We are not rotten(hehe..seriously, we are not)..It is a great feeling when you have true friends around.

We were able to hang out till 4 a.m and we promised to raya tomorrow morning at 10 a.m..great, we won't have enough sleep la mcm nih..and after sending Fuad home, i kinda bumped my car into the wall of his house..(alahai~menyampah betol..), this is what sleepyness can do to you;p

Got home and rest, woke up at 6 a.m..lepak sembahyang raya..and balik makan rendang kambing and at 10 a.m...Berhari raya dengan kawan-kawan~!!!

Go to Fuad's house first as it is the closest, and hang there for a while and i kinda notice, wow~there's a cute girl;p

"Fuad, is that your little sister?"

And he said,"yela, adik aku.why?"

"Cute~can i call you my brother in-law?"

He got annoyed,"Nak makan penerajang?"

Haha~!i couldn't believe it. Last time i got to his house, her sister was still in high school. Wow~has it been that long?

After Fuad's house, we went to Rizal's house and guess what, her sister is getting engaged and he didn't tell us..(what la lu Rizal..terkejut kitorg) so, makan la nk bertunang, pulut kuning and rendang along with chicken curry..Afterwards, next stop, Farid's house..(Rizal pun blah tanpa stay utk her sister's engagement..hehe..good for you..)

Then, Farid's house..(makan lg..)..borak2 dengan his parents..bla.bla.bla..and kenyang betul..(burp,alhamdulillah..)

To Apui's house~!!!!and we arrived kinda early, we were suppose to get there after Zohor so, we lepak-lepak at mamaks first la..(raya pon bukak..24/7,berani dia tutup?)
We are never gonna be tired of each other. We can just seat and chat. We left for Apui's house at 2 p.m..(actually we went to couple of houses before that, but those friends weren't home)

Haha..Apui's family was like my family too..i knew his uncle and aunty, and his parents has been great to me. Basically i can talk about anything with 'em and her mom keep calling me 'pak imam'..(yela,i like to wear jubah sembahyang time raya)..and Fuad and I chatted with his dad about the economy, work and about politics..and i was kinda suprised, working really infused the knowledge that i have never known before..politics and economy..jeez~kelakar la..and makan-makan again..sedap pulak..tambah 2 around with his uncle's son..and his uncle is a lecturer in Dungun, that's why i knew him la..borak-borak some more..and go out for a while, main sepak bola~and we left at 5..Fuad has to go back to Melaka tomorrow..and the day ended there..i sent them home and i got made me thinks. Times really do fly fast. And you can't help it but to wonder bout how things were so different back then..I love my peeps..and those who has made the different in my life and those who made me who i am today..and even if i have the power to change my past or things that has already happened, i won't change a thing. 'Cause all the experience matures me day by day..lesson learned..:)

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