Wednesday, December 10, 2008

high school; bring back memories

I wrote this on blog on the 11th of January.

I am home in kedah, reached here all the way from k.l with my high school friend apui. And come to think about it, wow, we made it pass schooling year. My bunch of friends and I, we still hang out and doing what we did best. I still people in high school and my brothers, my entourage. Yeah, I would say that cause I remember that we didn’t have any arguments or fought with each other. Suprisingly yeah. We did the same stuff together, ate at the same favorite place, play the same sport and basically we did everything together.

Haha. My peeps; the biggy apui, the genius fuad, the towering tall farid, the rockstar izuan, the unpredictable rizal, the rangga deris a.k.a hafee.

Still remember what we were in high school and what we did. We were in the same school for 5 years and we weren’t in the same class up until we were in form 4. Right after pmr, we stayed in the same school, and bang, fate brought us together, we got into 4 Kejuruteraan 1. Hehe, all of us wanna be engineers (yeah, right).

We were a bunch of menace back them, we skip school together, we hang out most of the time together and we have passion for football. And the thing that I love about us is, we don’t judge each other and we don’t argue or fight even if we have different opinions about stuff. And one more thing, we love girls.haha.

Wow, I am really impressed with us. How a bunch of guys stick together for many years and still hang out with each other. What we have was brotherhood rather than just friendship. I remember, that we laughed to any of us who scored the lowest marks in tests and exams.haha.and we would skip school together to hang out at my place just to play video games and that video games was like games of defending our pride. We usually skip school on Wednesday cause the schedule on that day kinda suck. So on every Wednesday, all of us won’t be in class. I remember the teachers back then, they said we are a bunch of geniuses but we were lazy and just don’t care. Teachers were furious, try to take action and you how teachers act, bla.bla.bla. but we don’t really care. Hehe. So sempoi back then. Our take on the world was quite simple; don’t worry bout shit, just be happy. And being happy we did. The only guy that has a girlfriend was just izuan and still, up until now, he is still with her school girlfriend. Bless you dude, I know you are a great guy. And all of us was kinda busy being stupid and get into trouble, and we are single.hehe. though girls wanna date us, (me especially;p) we don’t quite care.haha.

I remember that one time we kinda steals the books and bunch of stuff from the koperasi, and we gathered all that stuff, and put it in our class’s loker, and we made announcement to our class that anyone who wanted to use books or anything, don’t buy it, just take it from the locker. We stole it. Haha. Cool, we played robin hood;p and use the stuff our class did. The books were enough for one whole year.

And during weekends, we still hang out. And our plan of hanging out would be playing video games like crazy for the whole weekends.haha. and chat, and do stupid stuff. And we don’t do drugs or smoke. We found that stuff is, I don’t know, it doesn’t suit us. We don’t sit together and read books or study. but we did score in finals. Hehe, we are not stupid though.

I remember Cikgu Aton, she was all serious and strict the first time she got into our class. And yeah, scared we are. The whole class. And I remember that one time, she told the whole class to read that sastera book, and I did not. She asked me to go up in front of the class and tell the class about the first chapter. I did go, and I made up my own story, without any relations to that book. hehe, she smile and laughed . And told me to read the book next time. But as times goes by, she kinda grow into us. She notice that we are not hopeless or anything, smart but notty je…we scored her paper. She loves us. Still found time to visit her up until now. Love everything that u taught us and we still carried it in our head, smart as hell in Bahasa Melayu..:)

And I know that we annoyed most of our teacher, but I really do appreciate and grateful that they taught us in school. I know that Cikgu Zaina left that school because of us..hehe.nakal sangat.mintak maap byk2 Cikgu Zaina wherever you are. And Mdm. Khor, thanks for teaching us the Add Math. I know that most of us sleep during your class, and we flunk our tests and pop quizzes but we pass our SPM;p hehe.

And Cikgu Jamilah, eventhough I’m the class representative, sorry I couldn’t behave.hehe. kami suke sangat dengan kelas Lukisan Kejuruteraan.

Cikgu Ramlah, thanks for being patient with us..we skip your classes a lot, didn’t do our homework and so on..kinda dumb in doing the experiments..hehe..sleep in your class..didn’t mean to. I could quite figure out Chemistry though;p Cikgu Halimahton, u too..thanks for being patient with us..we did the same thing with you but we scored our Physics paper:D

Seriously, really miss high school.oww..really wanna be there for the last time. I bet so much have changed. And Cikgu Azlan, Cikgu Yazi, Ustaz Khalid and those who has been patient with us during school..thanks. friends and classmates, miss all of you so much. I’ve done lots of great things there, made mistakes, and I feel blessed cause I’ve been there. I wouldn’t change a thing and won’t trade it for something else. My schooling years in Kedah was my most preciousJ

Fyi, Apui, Izuan and Rizal are currently studying in Shah Alam. Finishing their degree. Well, Rizal is his batch’s best student with the Vice Chancellor Award as the best student. (told ya we are not stupid.haha) deris a.k.a hafee is currently working in k.l and fuad is an engineer now, at 22.haha. the tall Farid is currently doing his degree in Maktab Perguruan, he is goin to be a teacher someday.hehe. siap la kau..

And to all my teachers, we appreciate what you have taught and what we have learned. We love all of you.

sitting next to the teacher was me..hehe..i look like a fool..there are also apui; standing at the back row, number 2 from the left. the tallest one is farid and the genius fuad is standing on the first right.

sitting down was rizal and izuan; from the right, the second and the third seat.

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haha i like the robin hood part and awwh this reminds me of my high school year :)