Saturday, December 27, 2008

kejadian hari ini

sungguh excited hari ini kerna i bought a new handphone.hehe.mmg la lame je bunyi die, but to me it is sgt best.sbb ape?sbb before this, tukar phone je kene curi.tukar phone je kene, i pakai la ntahmodelapekebende punya Nokia yg harganya just 90ringgit up until now.puas hati.takde sape nk sampai sekarang la pakai handphone tersebut and nearly takde rupa handphone kena la tukar nk jaga imej.hehe.

i bought E71..nice sgt.nipis mcm biskut and sgt vulnerable to,this will be a test to see how long this new phone can last in my hand~hehe.pray for it!!

inilah rupa dia lebih kurang.

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