Thursday, December 11, 2008

Acting Saved My Life!!

The date was on the 26th of November. I was in Kedah.

I saw the bulletin posted by Sazzy Falak on myspace. It was her company, along with Aishah and Ashraf Sinclair, the sinclairfalak sdn.bhd, is holding a contest; answer few questions and get a free acting workshop from them. Jeez..sounds easy enough, I got nothing to lose, I tried.

Then a day after, I got an e-mail from Sazzy and wow~! I got it~! She loves all my answers she said ang got me a free acting workshop on the 29th. I was really excited. I love Sazzy~hehe..(shut up!i’m a big fan of her!don’t judge me;p) plus, I was going back to K.L on the 28th, so I can join the workshop.yay~!

The acting workshop was called Acting Saved My Life! and it was held in Coronade Hotel. I woke up early morning and headed there, excitingly. I got to 2nd floor and there it was..huuu…Sazzy and Aishah~they were so beautiful~ and I went back down..hehe..i was nervous. Call me a loser but I was starstrucked..;P And I gathered my nerve and braveness(hehe..feel like a loser sgt that time), I went up again and they got in the hall already..(phew~!) so I registered at the counter with my full name. .jeez~ it is my full name..(tak glamour tao my full name!) Suhana ( she is the girl at the registration counter ) told me to write my name on a sticker thingy and paste it where people can read your name..(macam name tag sekolah laa..) and I went in the hall.

Sazzy and Aishah were waiting for all of the participants to come in. The workshop was going to start at 9 a.m and it was 8.45 a.m, so got like 15 minutes left..i sat down first. Just looked around and noticed few people who have been on t.v already. I noticed Adam Sinclair; Aishah and Ashraf lilltle brother. Lash; the main character from GODA and Elle; she acted in Jasmin Ahmad films and won an award already..jeez~ so I was thinking, am I the only noob here?

Sazzy and Aishah called up the entire participants and to gather around and it wasn’t a formal thingy, kinda laid back, so we need to just on the floor and simply enjoy. We gathered around to all the participants and I noticed it was only 11 of ‘em. Aishah told us that the most participants they have had were nearly 40 and this is the smallest bunch and I bet it would be easier to focus and bond. Yeah, fair enough, too crowded wouldn’t be fun either. Plus, they were so beautiful and cool~~~~;p hehe.sorry.i’m a fan. I still remember all of ‘em. They were Lash, Adam, Elle, Shahila, Iriz, Azry, Fidot, Arianna, Syafiqah and Lina.

I don’t wanna be too detail on stuff that happened that day, but it was so much fun. We started getting to know each other and stuff. And then we kinda warmed up; light exercise la…biase la, pagi..kena la exercise stuff la we did..look kinda simple, but wow..tiring. Stuff like ‘pretending’ and Aishah told us to pretend like animals, that was the best part…I was born to be kinda goofy and not so serious, and yeah, I did go all out on that..hehe.easy to pretend to be animals;p it’s being human that’s hard.

The activity was packed with fun stuff and the only thing I could was laugh (I love a funny jokes, and sarcasticsm, I would laugh a lot) and I kinda know this fella named Iriz, he is funny and sarcastic, all I can do was laugh at what he did. First comment he made was,’how do you make love in a club? Is it like the VIP style?’, while listening to the Usher’s song played la..haha~actually I was pretending to be kinda quiet guy la kat situ, but I can’t it was not in my I just have fun je la..hehe.

I love the goings-on like ‘mirroring’ as Aishah and Sazzy called it, where you mirror you partners movement without looking, but just gaze directly, focus on your partners’ eyes. Just like looking in the mirror la..crap~!i know I would laugh at this.

And some more, I got paired up with Iriz. I know I can’t do this correctly and I would just laugh.

And laughed I did…we started doing face expression and mirror it. Face expression was ok la, I could still focus on staring into Iriz eyes. But then when Aishah and Sazzy told us to mirror on the movement and still gazing at each others’ eyes, then it started to go wrong for me. Haha~ I feel like I wanna pee holding down the laugh when Iriz started making this irrelevant movement and I have to copy it. For instant, try copy your partner’s movement if it was a relatively a monkey or a chimpanzee movement, with a serious face and don’t lose the gazing…I could only laugh la..haha~!can’t stand it.

When it was my turn to make movements and Iriz have to copy..yeah..payback..hehe…I started to make like the body builder’s movement; showing off the body and sort of stuff la…it was easy..and then still gazing at him, I dropped down and I started doing push-ups..haha~!!!

Iriz’s face turned red trying to do the push-ups (he’s a bit chubby), again, I was laughing looking at him..and to make it harder, I did push-ups with one hand and that was the funniest moment..haha~!! He simply turned reddish~and kinda looked like Patrick;p

The whole workshop was fun and game, and Sazzy and Aishah was cooool and so sempoi, masuk air la to be exact..hehe..they were fun and crazy..and also beautiful;p
I loike the ‘create a photograph’ thingy; where Aishah and Sazzy like gave the scenario and create the photograph. If you play it with lots of friend, it should be fun. The game was like, act out a scene of a photograph when the title is given. For instant, the scenery in a hospital; so one by one, we will create a scene in a hospital and it has to create a photograph with a story in it. Easy la to say; imagine a hospital and u take a picture. Somehow there are stories in it and each person in the pic played out a part right?. Something like that laa…tak paham call me;p So, we acted out a World War ii pic; I was the grenade thrower..hehe…a ‘kenduri’ pic; I was the groom..and Iriz was a drunk guy poured a drink to the bride and groom~haha! A ‘schools out’ pic~it was crazy, a pic where the kids in school was happy for school holiday…and the best one, act out a pic of a porn movie making..hehe, Iriz and I kinda banged Adam, and I couldn’t stop laughing la for that one..And come The Matrix pic and Step Up dance off pic, and it was all crazy and fun of course~letih tau even sound like senang sangat~

And the fun workshop ended at 5 o’clock and I ended learning so much about acting and everything (taknak la cite sume, nanti Sazzy and Aishah marah laa..xsuprise;p) was full of new experience to me..and I met the coolest bunch of people and I’m glad that I attended this workshop and they can make you an actor or an actress if you want to..hehe.promote cikit.

i look kinda silly la in this pic..if two of the most beautiful in Malaysia, both at your side, what else can you do other than looking kinda silly?

with Lash;the specky and Adam

Iriz with Shahila and Elle in the red

Before going back, we took pictures and another pictures and a lot of pictures (yela, bukan selalu I got to meet ‘em, kena la kampong sikit)..and Aishah and Sazzy wrote me some blurbs on my autograph book (aww..kampung sangat mintak autograph;p)..It was so much fun~!!!!! Love all of you people~!!! Hope to see you all again~

the coolest bunch of people i've ever met~!!!


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adam is mine!

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haha hey nabil!!!!! thanks 4 bcumin 1 of my followers! haha ure da best!
t'ingat pula da part whr we became a couple! ;D