Saturday, December 13, 2008

Siaran ulangan 'i love u'

Hmm...seriously people,how long will it take u to say 'i love u'?

for me,that 'i love u' is a serious thing to say,and required deep thought and u have to be really really sure before saying,the love one have to be quite the right one for u too..

and to some out there,u can say 'i love u' even if u know a person for just a i'm impressed to those who fell for this..for this 'i love u' in an instant thingy.yeah, i agree love is blind, but to decide that u love a person in just couple of week, sounds kinda...hmmm...irrelevant?and childish?

u remember when we were kids, with puppy love and that sort of thing, we say 'i love u' just like that so we can get what we want and for boys, just to get to 2nd base..yeah,boys..and these so called 'boys' still lurks in the world today..these 'boys' i'm talking about is guys basically using 'i love u' as an excuse to woo the targeted girl and make her believe that they were meant to be, that this is love, and make that girl his..jeez~and what annoys me that girls fell for that~!!!

i'm not judgemental but, ain't girls supposed to be sensitive about this? i mean to detect which is love and which is, i wouldn't say it's fake, but insincere?...and too early perhaps?

yeah, some are wise about this and some are not...

again, i'm not judgemental but all of u should...i'm not teaching, but think about it..

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