Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ramadhan; and I'm Alive To Celebrate It.'s a refreshing month. A holy month. And a great month to do good deeds and be a good person. It's also a good month to reflect on yourself and think back what a douche you've become towards God and others, and please be thankful that you're still alive to celebrate this month.

Oh yeah, beside that, it's fooooooddddddddd!!! :D

Food and I are inseparable. Yes, very true. I would forgive you if you lie, punch, kick or even try to rape me, but if you mess with my food, I will kill your family. Not you, but your family, and then I will torture you.

Okay, back to the topic. Here's my guide to the awesome existence of food during this awesome month.

1.) First, you go to a bazaar or pasar Ramadhan. How to find it, look. If you're blind, sniff the food(plus, would be reading this?). Find the biggest bazaar possible, so you'll have varieties of foodies there. Cuci mata is prohibited, bulan Ramadhan. But a glimpse is okay, untuk menduga iman.

Lautan manusia; a good indication that it's an awesome bazaar.

2.) Second, find the food. Don't follow your head, follow your heart. Spend a lot. That's the best way so you won't regret. Trust me.

Ayam percik oh-so-good.

Roti John; size matter.


Ayam Golek

Omaigod I love kuih.

Ikan bakar.

Lots of colorful drinks.

3.) And last but not least, don't identify and buy, buy all. Go crazy. It's okay, it's once-a-year thing. 

Now, I'm wishing you a great Ramadhan ahead, have a great fasting month and do invite to buka puasa. I would love to eat your food. God bless you, maaf zahir dan batin. May you get all the greatness in this month.


Anonymous said...

awk nie puase ke x?

Nabil Hussein said...

puaasaaaa penuhhh..selamat selamat hari raya!:D