Saturday, February 21, 2009

15 things i have learnt in 2008

2008 was a great year for my though.

1. i learnt that people ain't angels; fakers and pretenders!!!!

2. i learnt that Chuck Bass is hot. he is definitely my idol.haha.

3. i learnt that love is subjective.duh.

4. i learnt that i can be whatever i wanted to be.

5. i learnt that there are people who will do everything to bring me down. haters, fakoff.

6. i learnt that i have to cut off some of friends whose not really supportive in what i'm doing.

7. i learnt that money is everything.

8. i learnt that losing her, i lost part of my life.

9. i learnt that she was the best that have ever happened to me, and i couldn't ask for more.

10. i learnt that i'm not that great at dating new people.hehe.loser.

11. i learnt that i will always miss my life as teenagers.

12. i learnt that i'm an adult now; and most of my friends' age now range between 26 - 40. i'm the youngest.

13. i learnt that i'm responsible for my life now.

14. i learnt that i have to give duit raya to my nieces and nephews now.haha.

15. i learnt that, i still have more to learn in life.

i tag hun shamiera shahrudin. tell me what u have learnt in 2008..:)

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Anonymous said...

of all things..part kena bg duit raya tuh yang tak leh bla... ahahah~

once u start working, u gotta face that phase.. hehe :)

p/s: follow ur blog~!!