Saturday, March 21, 2009

mixed signals?

tak paham lah.

seriously. i'm not quite sure whether i lost my sensitivity towards what people say or what they really mean. they tend to say other thing and ended up doing something else.

Situation 1

" Nabil! Jom hang out tomorrow.bosan lah. contact me taw!"

Selepas itu tidak answer my texts and calls.

Situation 2

" When you singgah kat sini, inform me tau, lame tak jumpe and definitely nak jumpe you!"

Selepas itu menyatakan kamu ada date and sorry bla,bla,bla..

Situation 3

" I don't need any help from you whatsoever. "

Selepas itu tetap meminta tolong beribu kali.tampar kanggg...

Situation 4

" I'm not materialistic. "

Selepas itu tetap meminta material.

Situation 5

" Trust me. "

Selepas itu tetap tidak boleh dipercayai.

Situation 6

" I janji. "

Selepas itu tetap menikam dan memungkiri.

So, i'm a bit confused. enlighten me.


cinTA GiLA said...
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Nurul Ain said...

maybe somethings just come up in a sudden...
be positive with those things..
if u can la...hehe