Friday, May 7, 2010

Busy; Yes, I am.

It's been a while since I wrote my last entry. Damn. Only 1 entry in April? Well, April Fool!:D

Honestly, I've been busy with work. I've revised all the previous years' goals and achievements, and apparently(and sadly), it was all, well, unsuccessfully fell short and negatively said, I didn't achieve many of my goals(yet).

So, I got busy.

First, 'unwillingly', I accidently got myself hired. I wasn't sure how all of this happened, but somehow I got hired.

I have the tendency to act on opportunity. The thing is, I just wanna update my resume because of the time I spent working for nearly 3 years, I thought it was only necessary to update it in 2010. Yeap. But then, the next day, I got an e-mail asking me to come for an interview. So, I answered that friggin' e-mail and agree for the interview. The thing is, I went for interviews for fun and a week before that, I went to an interview and I said no to the job they offered(because I'm arrogant that is and RM1500 is not enough. Har har har!).

And I went for another interview for another fun; I dressed nicely, prepared my new resume and I even prepared all the possible answers for some questions they might ask. The reason I did it because it was fun to do and I just want to polish up my people skill(yes, by wasting other people's time but hey, It's a good kind of time wasting).

Position; Corporate Sales Executive. It sounds very hip and cool. Mainly because of the word 'executive'. It made you feel important. Along with the word 'corporate', you can effing brag about it.

"Yes, I do corporate stuff, you dig dawg??". That kind of bragging.

I got an interview exactly the next day, Mr.Antonio(he's now my boss) called while I was sleeping, I was half-asleep when I answered the phone and I said 'yes' for the interview. When I finally woke up, "Did I just say 'yes' to the interview?".

Yes, I did. I have to go.

I was on time for the interview, nicely dressed; typical interview looks, white shirt, black pants, leather belt,black shoes and black tie. If there are points for looking formal, I would have scored a full 10 marks.

Oh, I was the only one that come for the interview, yes, i love corporate sheit. That made me feel important.

When I got called in, I sat down. Passed the interviewer my resume and like all the other interview, they would want you to talk. Fluently. And I did.

Then another dude came in, to interview me. I gave him my resume. And it turn out to be a 'good cop bad cop' session.

So there were Henik Mehta, and Antonio(apparently he was the bad cop). Questions were asked, and the typical 'story of my life came out'. Remember,'story of my life' is important. Make sure you narrate the story as good as possible and leave out all the weakness.

Take note, be awesome when explaining shit about yourself, don't make it sound you are a douche or bragging, but be awesome.

Awesome: I'm very much an awesome person in sales.
Douche: Not just I'm good looking, I'm very sure I can make a profit of 1 million for this company.(This is what we call don't-hire-me-i'm-a-waste-of-time line. Go figure.)

Yada-yada-yada. Okey, I was awesome. And they say they like me but they don't like my background(I laughed). But they're convinced. Bla-bla-bla, they will call me for the 2nd interview.

The next day, I received a call to come for the 2nd interview after lunch hour. Long story short, I went there and, "Nabil, we decided to hire you, please look thru this document and sign here."

I went, "Sorry, but I can't decide now, I will take this back and decide later. My lawyer will take a look at this first(I forgot to say this actually, but I said it silently in my heart)."

So I went back and did nothing. I read the agreement and it was fine actually. Just wanna make an impression(of being a douchey).

I went to the company again the next day, I signed the agreement. They want me to start working immediately. Oh shit, but I said okay anyway. That's the bad thing of being awesome. Bahaha!

So, Antonio became my boss, and he wasn't as bad ass as he was during the interview. He sorta foolish like me. Cool dude. I am currently working in IT field along side other juniors, Jeff, Syarina, Hilwa, Azreen, Nisa and Adrian. Cool bunch of people.

Got Antonio, Saras, Soo, Jason and Richard as managers. Awesomeness.

I am enjoying myself in corporate sales and currently very happy being busy. Hu-ha!

So this is what I'm doing everyday.

Seriously, corporate sheit is busy but awesome. Oh, that's my lunch beside the lappy. That's how busy I am. Oh, but food is everywhere in this office. Possibility of me growing fat is very high. 1 to 1. Sheitt!

So this is what I have to deal with everyday. Blergh!

I will do my best to update my blog. Roar!

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