Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dating Place; Yeah, Couple Thingy I Have To Do.

Your girlfriend wanna eat at someplace that doesn't suit you? No football, no smoking area, no shit. Oh, please. You can go here! Get in touch with your feminine side, be romantic, be sweet! Blergh.:D

Oh yes, Garden Cafe One Utama.

For a dude who loves food and having a good time, this is an okay place. If you are newly dating, so this is the place. Me? Oh, I've been with my girlfriend for quite some time now and this kinda place, do I say this, small portion of food, doesn't suit me.

So what are the good things here?

Lotsa garden thingy. Flowers etc. Yeah, what do you expect from a place named Garden Cafe?

It's cozy and the menu was good. Luckily, when I asked the waiter about the food, the knowledge is there so I know what to order. On the menu side, it was good. Fair variety of choices from typical Western food, fusion and some Asian dishes.

A dude playing a white piano. Oh! They have a white piano here!

When I said typical Western food, you know what I meant. Chicken chop, fish and chip, lamb chop; so you know what to expect. The taste is different from place to place but in Garden Cafe, the food was good. Not world class(of world class won't be in place like this)but it was good, and I can finish it(I can't remember the time when i can't finish a food dish).

So I had Chicken Chop with Black Pepper sauce. The sauce was a cross between black pepper and mushroom sauce. It was okay.

See, not much! Still hungry.

And my girl had Dory Fish with Butter Ginger Sauce. Impressive. Love the taste, though I thought ginger and butter don't mix well because it will produce a soapy taste but, the pineapple in the dish made it awesome! So i like it.

So good the picture has to be a close up.

And talk about the coziness here, it's definitely cozy. You can go and talk sweetly, be romantic with your new girlfriend or whatever here, it fits. Me? No lah, still prefer big portioned food and football. That's heaven for me.

Lovely. Can't get enough.

p/s: We need a better camera! Hehe.

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