Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup 2010; Our Kick-off!!

I've never missed a single World Cup in my whole life.

Started watching it back in 1994, where Brazil lifted up the cup and that made me a fan forever.

I'm excited over the World Cup 2010, so me and bunch of my buddies planned to hang-out together watching it in HD. Awesome! Djuan just bought a new HD LCD screen t.v along with Astro B.yond, and we just have to effing watch it.

And we have to make sure there's a lot of food involved in our kick-off party.

So I cooked. Pasta and pengat pisang. Djuan is the host, Amie brought canned fruits(he's a lazy dude), and Zuhair brought in a bucket of KFC(wohoo!). Plus, Djuan provided us with free World Cup t-shirts(double wohoo!).

Lan came with his girlfriend and Apan joined in later. We had a blast cursing the referee, playing cards over the intermission, discussing over how fucked up Chelsea player is in the World Cup and go WTF a lot, on why France couldn't win.

Party food? Bwahaha!

See, we got free t-shirts.

Eat up fatboys. Oh, Amie gave the finger. He's retarded.

Game on, serious mode.

Time to kill, we played cards.

We had a blast. And I expect this 'fever' to run for a month and affect our work productivity. Heck it's a once-every-four-year thing, just embrace it. Good luck bosses!

p/s: GO BRAZIL!!

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