Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why We Should Stop Complaining; Why?

I finished my Friday prayer, and sat down for a while. I saw the TNB's cafe opened after the prayer. So I had my lunch there. The food was nice and really really cheap. I enjoyed it. While I was eating, i noticed there's an old man sitting down at the mosque's pillar. I noticed a bag and a white walking stick with him. He's blind.

I finished my lunch, washed my hand and went off to put on my shoes, and it was near where the old blind man was sitting. As I put on my shoes, I just had to talk to him. 

"Pakcik dah makan?"

He didn't answer me. I asked the same question again.
Same response.

I put my hand on his hand and asked him the question again. Only then he noticed me. He didn't answer. I asked him again and he turn his right ear towards me. Oh, I guess he wasn't able to hear well with his left ear.

"Belum makan lagi. Pakcik bawak bekal ni. Kejap lagi Pakcik makan la..", he answered.

"Pakcik, kalau pakcik nak makan, jom la, kat belakang ni kantin.."

"Tak apa..pakcik bawak bekal ni, tak nak membazir..", he refused of my offer.

So, I chat a bit with him while I was putting on my shoes. And as I was going, I held his hand and put some money in it. He turned his face towards me and thanked me for it.

I guess I am lucky. I'm glad I can help.

I was away on company trip to Bali. I had a blast. Love the beach, love the people, love everything about  that trip. Love it very much. In the end of the trip, before we part off from the tour guide, he asked, as for feedbacks, which part of the trip that we didn't like. 

Sadly, few of my colleagues had to complain. Petty complains; bad food, don't like the time spent travelling from each place to another, not enough information about the trip and places we went to, no help with the luggages. 

Wow, seriously people??

Got a chance to go on holidays on company expenses, 5-stars hotel, a great place; Bali it is. Still, y'all got something to complain about??


I've had friends, came to me and bitch about work, people, life etc. Yeap, I don't mind listening, and if there's something I could do to help you out, I would do it. But please, if it's too small of a problem, a petty complain, I might be thinking of smacking you. You might not see me do it, but probably inside my head, I'm smacking you. 

What do I mean by petty complains? If you bitched about your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, work, no money, you don't  know how to cook scramble egg, you're fat, she's fat, he's fat, you're ugly, you're adopted, your boss is gay, bla-bla-blah. Hey, instead of focusing so much energy in bitching about your life, you could have done something about it? Don't you realize it?

When you complains, it will get worse.
When you complains, it will keep on happening to you.
When you complains, it won't settle a thing.

Solution; don't complain. Easy.

Yeah, shit happens. But hey, take your time and look at the big picture. You still have something that others don't have right? The thing is, if we really have something to complain about, please take a look around. 

If you are able to read this, you are very very lucky. So please, be grateful. Quit being a little bitch.

Be thankful.


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