Sunday, July 4, 2010

World Cup: The Story So Far

Since Brazil got kicked out because of Felipe Melo(son of a bitch), I've taken a vow of silence. I can't go out, I can't meet my friends, I can't go to work in peace because all I got was 'boooooooooo Brazil' from all of them. Shit. I have to shut myself off from the world for a while. 

But still, the excitements are there to be enjoyed. 

Here's the friggin' awesome recap.

Luis Suarez with the new 'Hand of God'. Nice.
The former 'Hand of God' broke down. Traumatized. Haha!

Germany was awesome. Dumped Argentina out with 4-0 win. Miroslav Klose closing in to Ronaldo's 8 goals World Cup record.

Achtung! Yes, Messi were 'halpless'. He got no Iniesta and Xavi to supply him the pass like in Barcelona. Boo!

Barcelona's new hit-man; David Villa shot Spain to the semi-final, with one of the most dramatic match in World Cup 2010. Kudos to Paraguay. Hell yeah!

Felipe Melo-Fine at first half, for setting up a goal for Robinho, but second half, I felt like he deserved a butt-rape. He headed the ball in his own net and then earn a red card for a tackle and a foot stamp on Arjen Robben. He should hang his head in shame. What an asshole.

Yes, I'm still around to enjoy the World Cup to the very end. 

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