Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Day She Left; To Be Eaten By Godzilla, Saved By the Ultraman.

Yes, the title doesn't lie.

Sue, this is for you.


She's a childhood friend I met in school. Easily described as skinny, loud, pitchy like a vuvuzela and slightly a drama queen. Just slightly. I used to have a crush on her back then, well, because she's one of my closest friend, and she's from the opposite gender. If I had a crush on my dudely friend, I would be gay. Though the traits are there, but I prefer to be on the safe side.

Okay, back to the topic.

She's extremely smart. And brilliant!....when it comes to reading books. Sometimes, the dumb blonde moment could strike and she could OMG! SERIOUSLY?? Easily, up until today, she can't read my sarcasm.

Yes, very serious.

But, so that she won't hate for saying that, I'ma say that she's awesomely smart. I admire her for that. Please, do come to me if you need the-over-the-top-optimistic-advices from me. I would never say no to you, bow down and I'll show you the way.

After years of studying, now you got a chance to Japan. I told you already, take a chance and enjoy your time there. I'm proud of what you've become. Oh, now you already toned down on the pitchy voice and less likely to be a drama queen. Though the dumb blonde moment occasionally occur; you are way better today and I expect you to grow even more when you're living on your own.

I got a chance to get together with the friends, to send her off to Japan and well, I'm gonna miss you. Please be back in one piece and I'm always praying for you. I'm fucking proud of you.

Remember, be very wary of Godzilla and even if you're eaten alive, your Ultraman is there to save you.

It doesn't make any sense, but just use your imagination. Or I should get some sleep.

Out of all the places, we spent our time in KFC. Yes, awesome. If you notice, Kawaii element is there.

Oh yes, since you're going to Japan, kawaiiii~!! Dude, smile!!

Ean conquered the Godzilla. Boo!

Actually, Sue was crying just before the picture was snapped.

And then, she left for Japan.

I'm expecting to get updates from you every now and then. See you when you get back and I'm expecting a lot of goodies. Have fun and be awesome. With love, be safe.


You Promise Me Ai said...

hahahhaha thanks for the blog post, baru sekarang aku sempat baca. weh dudeeeeeeeeee, simpan duit byk byk wehh! maybe aku duk lama lagi kat sini sbb i was told dat japan would sponsor me sampai phd, then u guys could come & visit me :P

i miss u all !!!!

Nabil Hussein said...

i wanna go there of cossss!!:DD