Friday, December 25, 2009

Mari Belajar French; It's Useful.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger.Say hi!

You: Hello

Stranger: hi!

You: how are you

Stranger: j t’aime (:

You: you are so cool

Stranger: merci

Stranger: je suis fatigue

You: im sorry i dont understand

Stranger: non?

You: non

Stranger: ouii, tu est englais?

You: err

You: oui?

Stranger: ooooh oui, j’aime la englais?

You: non

Stranger: america ou english?

You: english

Stranger: etudient?

You: what?

You: do you have facebook?

Stranger: non, j n’ai pas facebook

You: what?

You: seriously what?

Stranger: translator?

Stranger: tu comprend?

You: you want me to use a translator?

Stranger: oui?

You: sure

You have disconnected.

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