Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pitch Black; Err..Where Are The Man-Killing Aliens?

5 a.m..I woke up and i panic. Cold sweat dripped down from my forehead. Dazed and confused. Why the heck is it pitch black in here?

Ok, first thing we usually do when we woke up, from our sleep is 'the confuse state' or simply 'mamai'. And if you woke up in a pitch black room, then you started to get a lil' confuse and i gotta admit, i was a lil' bit of a wuss. I jumped out of bed and rig the door open. Oh, it was a blackout. The whole neighbourhood. My dad is already sleeping in the living room. Candle was lit around the house already.

Phew~i snapped this picture and went back to sleep.

That's my lil' koala. He was just there. Scared. Like I did.

p/s: I thought a serial killer broke into my house.


Cek Rosy Daisy said...

what la you nabil..
dah panas2 pun leh trus sambung tido??

Nabil Hussein said...

hahaks.tido penting ohhhh;p