Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Reminder; To Myself.

Let me explain my life.

I'm happy. I don't complain, i don't cry and i don't regret anything if shits happened. Why?

'Cause i just wanna enjoy this fucking life. Note one thing, life is like a roller coaster with a broken track, you better enjoy the ride before it ends.

My life to me is exciting enough. Although many people doesn't agree with me but it's my life. I say it's exciting. Don't talk back to me. *Smack!*

I love soccer, and don't you dare say anything about what i love.

I have my bunch of friends that love soccer like me. We can sit down and talk about it for hours. We support different team but we don't hate other teams. We just love the game.

Some say that i'm a bit 'poyo'. I don't understand why but living in this country, having big dreams meant that most people will say that you're a fucking dreamer. What's wrong with having big dreams? Well, if you can't and you don't wanna do it, you wanna drag people down with you? That's so fucking wrong. To me, you're a loser. Go away.

I'm 23, i have a long way to go. I don't wanna rush anything, i just wanna take one step at a time. I have experienced defeat, but i'm not going down. I'm just taking my time. Even Rome wasn't built in one day.

I have my own beliefs, and i fight for it. I think everybody should. Looking down at others is not the way. Look up, someone is always better than you.

I may not be the most popular, or the most good looking, or the richest, or the smartest, but i know someday i'll make it big. When that day comes, i couldn't care less about the doubters. You can kiss my sweet butt.

p/s: Pftt!

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