Sunday, January 3, 2010

What A Life; Before The New Year.

Me and and my boys are like the clique from Entourage.

We could hang out together doing nothing much but we could ended up having a lot of fun. That's what i like about us.

Yeap, i might sound a lil' bit gay but that's the way it is. I love my boys. 'Nuff said.

It was a great weekend to spend with my boys in Penang. So, basically everyone was kinda tight in budget. We planned to make it simple. The plan was, i'm the cook. They'll bring whatever junk food they can get their hand on from home. Easy enough and it was hella fun. Berkelah di Queensbay. Yeap, we don't do rempit stuff, or clubbing, or unhealthy shit. Just chillin' thingy. Oh, this is life.

Love the pantai! This is Queensbay.

Lepak to makan the great food i cooked for them. Bersembang like crazy. Many topics were covered in our chit-chat session. You name it, we got it; politics, sports, current events, business news, and bullshit. We got a lot of them.

So, we all looked undone. But hey, we're amazing. Haha!

We went for movies. Storm Warriors and Bodyguards & Assasins; chinese movie. I don't know. We don't fancy CGI that much. Plus we like rumble bumble thingy. No guns please. Only bare knuckle and swords. So the two movies suited us.

I slept during Storm Warriors. I dunno why, but the training-session-after-the-heroes-got-their-ass-beaten-at-first-and-they-train-to-get-revenge scene was kinda long. So i fell asleep.

Bodyguards & Assassins was kinda sad. But i like it. But it was sad. Everybody died. Should have known that.

Went back to the bay to hang out some out. Eat some more. Lepak some more. Doing nothing is the best. That's when life happens.

Makan-makan goes thru the night. And this picture made us look like addicts. Nice.

Lepak goes forever!

p/s: Oh, selepas pulang online gaming sampai 5 pagi. oh, what a life.

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