Monday, January 11, 2010

Remember; Next Time, Remember.

Ok, me and my buddies planned to go to a pc fair yesterday. We went there, parked my car and we rushed in. It was held in a big ass place.

So we bought what we wanted. New LCD screen, new PC, new hardisks, new laptop, and my friend bought a huge new speaker for his desktop. Sure. Everything was fine. It was great. Everybody had a great time.

The time came when we had to go, but others are going as well. So, the wait for the elevator was kinda tiring. Plus, all the big thingy we’ve bought, it all became too tiring. And full of cursing. So we don’t wanna wait. We just swerved through the crowd and took the stairs to the parking lot.

Next question that were asked, ” Where did we parked the car? “


Then we have to spend the next hour looking for my car. With all the big things we bought and we have to carry it around the parking, the big ass wide parking lot. IT WAS FUNNN!!!! ROARRRR!!!

Next time! Remember we you parked your car!!!

It was one friggin’ hour!!

p/s: Roooaaarrrr!!!!

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yna_kawaii said...

roaarrrr!hahaha..I like! does happens sometymes~