Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Someday; This Will Happen.

Someday you’ll take a picture of your friends, and put it in a photo album with plans on never losing it.
Someday you’ll realize a flaw in something you trusted to be perfect.
Someday you’ll regret because we all do.
Someday you’ll lose some one you love, but not necessarily because of death.
Someday you’ll wish time moved a little slower, or maybe you already do.
Someday you’ll pray like you’ve never prayed before.
Someday you’ll want something so bad that you’d die for it, but you won’t get it.
Someday you won’t care that you aren’t rich, or you’ll find a friend who doesn’t care that you are. Someday you’ll recognize the change, either in a positive or negative way.
Someday you’ll look back on that picture and get butterflies because you miss it, and you know it.

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