Friday, January 22, 2010

Henshin!; Well, It's 'change' in Japanese.

Oh, it's Friday already.

Well, it has been a 'productive' week. Lil' work and lots of play. Yes, my plan of retiring by 30 will be actualized if i keep going like this.

C'mon Nabil! Move your tight butt,(yes, you heard it right. It's self appreciation. Or delusional. Whatever.) work hard. Focus dammit, focus.

One major thing, growing old is essential. But growing up is optional. I chose not to grow up.

What's with this picture? Well, it's a i-don't-wanna-grow-up thingy my friends and i did in Facebook. Change your profile picture with your favorite Kamen Rider pic. Mine was Kamen Rider The First. Yup, i got my nerdy Kamen Rider peeps on Facebook. Childish? Yes. Hey, what's a gentleman without being a lil' childish.

This is me on Facebook. My alter ego. Well, Gerard Butler is not believable to be my alter ego, so Kamen Rider is a lot easier, and easily accepted.(if i'm Gerard Butler, girls would literally boo me. Like seriously, BOO me.)

My week has been filled with spending time with my beloved friends from school and uni. It was fun. So much fun. 6 hours of Pro Evolution Soccer. 4 hours of watching soccer. 6 more hours playing Dota and Counter Strike. And catching up on my sleeps. Yeap, 'productive'.

Plus, movies and karaokeing with my girl besties.

And a whole lots of sleeps.

Whoa nelly, my resolution this year is earn 60k by end of 2010. Seems a bit off huh? Okey, i'll make it, i seriously can do it. Oh sheesh, World Cup..(T.T), this is a lot more challenging than I thought it would.

p/s: Watching Kamen Rider First: The Movie..what the heck am i doing?

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