Saturday, January 23, 2010

Al- Fatihah; To My Late Aunt.

My dear aunt passed away on Friday afternoon. May Allah bless her soul.

I got my mom text message after the Friday prayer. It came as a shock to me. My sister called me and we planned to head there after my lil' sis, Fana', finish her class.

It took me one an half hour just to fetch up my lil' sis. Traffic was bad, the weather was bad. Gloomy. Gloomy. Gloomy Friday. I traveled half of K.L for 2 hours, just to get to Gombak. Gotta wonder, why the heck so many people was driving at the same hour I decided to drive?? I know, I know. Most of us think of that silly question each and every time we got stucked in a traffic jam; which it would help if we have a loaf of bread. Bwahahaha! Hmm?? Jam..bread..? Get it? Owh, never mind.

My mom and dad left Kedah to K.L at 4 p.m and yet, they reached Gombak at 8 p.m..the same time we got there. Whoo..drop my water face. It took me 4 hours just to get there.

Got there and chilled out.

Familiar faces do give me the warm fuzzy feelings inside.


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