Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Soccer; Too Much Soccer.

I woke up in the morning, every morning, and sometimes at noon, or late in the evening; none of this matters. The point is, the first thing i did when i woke is i check Soccernet and Eurosports for sports news. Specifically, soccer. So i wanna list out the evidences that i watch too much soccer.

  1. I think soccer is better than sex. (It's not like i get lucky all the time.)
  2. I wanna name my sons Ibrahimovic, Daniel Alves, Rooney, Torres. I have the right. I'm their father.
  3. I will murder my sons if they don't play soccer. I will murder them if they suck at it. And i will definitely outcast them if they chose to be gay. I am your father, obey.
  4. They can only support Manchester United.
  5. They can choose to be stupid at school only if they are awesome in soccer.
  6. They have to play soccer in England. ( I already got everything planned for you, my sons.)
  7. I will choose World Cup over a friend's wedding. Sorry.
  8. I will cancel dates just to watch the games. No dates on games' night.
  9. I can seat at mamak for 4 hours just watching games. Done it every week. (Don't date me if you don't fancy soccer. Life will be miserable.)
  10. An idea of a perfect date for me? A girl and a Man.United's game to watch. Perfection!
  11. I can spend 3 hours on Soccernet and Fantasy Premier League.
Wow, i think it's great!

p/s: At least i'm doing something..(T.T)

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