Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tahlil; On Weekend

My late aunt's tahlil was on Saturday. I went there with my mom and dad. No lil' sis and my sister, they have to finish up their assignment. It was never a good thing to procrastinate. Take note on that people.

Got there right after Isyak.

Oh, makanan dah siap. Yeap, food excites me. Spend too much time in the kitchen, and food gets me.

Diam sekejap, diam. Tahlil dah start. Baca Yasin. *Bismillahirahmanirrahim..*

My aunt is my mom's sister. My mom is the youngest. So there's one hick-up that i sorta got used to in my mom's side of family. Just to be clear, i'm a grandfather. I'm 'Tok Bilah', which is cool. I like it. So I can brag about zaman dulu-dulu. Macam para datuk buat kepada cucu.

" Atuk zaman muda-muda dulu...huiii..seorang petani yang berjaya dalam Farmville."

Yelah, nak cerita perang, atuk tak pernah berperang pulak.

Itulah sentimen-sentimen penipuan yang bole dibualkan kepada para cucu. Sebab my mom is the youngest, so the age different was kinda obvious. My cousin is a retiree, 3 kids..well, they are not 'kids'..adults. Married adults. So, you get story right there. Now I'm a grandpa! (-_-")

Haa, ini cucu atuk. Nama dia Nazrin. Kacak habis. First impression memang la nampak girly, tapi lelaki daa..rambut mayang mengurai. Huii..kasar dia ni, barbaric sikit. Kuat membuli dan sangat nakal.

Bukti dia nakal? Ini gambarnya. Tak suka manja-manja dia ni, which is cool. So nak tangkap gamba pon kena cekik dulu, supaya tak lari. Time senyap dia ialah time makan dan tidur. Time lain, active. Huiii..letih.

The tahlil were held for two nights.

Before I went back, on the second night, i drew few pictures of cartoon characters for the kids, my grandchildren to be exact. Uhuk-uhuk, terasa tua pulak..(-_-")

Drew few pics of Ben 10, Spiderman and whatnots. They loved it. So I'm gonna make sure I will draw a lot more for them.

Love the warm fuzzy feelings when i'm with family.

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nuyu said...

owh, baru baca. Thanks for the entry. sgt cool.