Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Avatar; Bull Crap?

So i finally got the time to watch a movies. This movie.

Yeah, yeah, i'm a 'loser' since i don't care too much about watching movies. The thing is, i don't like queuing. Since the line to buy the ticket for Avatar was too friggin long, so I don't bother watching. But then, the hype about this movie got a bit annoying, I have to watch it. Not because I want it, but this is the only movie that I haven't watch yet.

James Cameron is a genius? This is what I think about the movie.

1. If you watch it again, it is quite similar to Disney's Pocahontas.

It's true. I got evidence! So much originality my ass.

2. I think the Na'vi are French. Well, they do have French accents.

3. DON'T date a Na'vi chick. If she ever got angry, she'll go crazy. Seriously. What happened when Neytiri found out that Jake lied? She yelled, and hissed, and cried, and pushed him around, and yelled again, cried some more. What would happen if you date her and then cheat on her. She found out. She will probably get the entire clan and chase you on that flying creature. Don't date a Na'vi chick. (bonda di rumah pun tak terima kalau menantu pakai spender je ke hulu ke hilir, dengan muka macam kucing peliharaan.)

4. Sex is the same? Damn. I thought sex with a Na'vi would be different. They are different in errr..race? I think it's more like they are different creatures. I think they should have sex using their tentacled hair. That's more like it. And it'll make sense like that.

5. Oh, Na'vi women have small boobs. Blergh!

6. Jake Sully should learn to be more grateful you ungrateful bastard.(hujan batu di negeri sendiri, hujan emas di negeri orang. lebih baik negeri sendiri. hayatilah pepatah itu.)

7. I always think Michelle Rodriguez is hot. That husky voice, that looks, and the attitude. Damn, i love her. "You're not the only one with a gun, bitch!", hell yeah!!!

8. I think Jake Sully hate being an American and then fell in love with a French girl, then he wanna convert to being a French?? Damn.

That's my own review. Clap-clap. Boleh lah.

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