Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kisah Seorang Kawan; Kawan Baik.

Ini kisah seorang kawan. Kawan yang tak menilai apa-apa. Dah tahu segala baik buruk, segala kelemahan, segala kesilapan; tapi tetap jadi kawan yang terbaik.

Thank you Shikin, sebab mengepao aku hari tu. Memang cantik sekali, tidak sangka aku di'snook' sebegitu rupa. Hehe.

Kisahnya Shikin, ditikam dari belakang oleh kawan baik dia. Unexpectedly, to her and to me. Who could have thought, the best of friend would stab her back. She found out that her best friend talks behind her back, say things about her and simply leave her.

Her eyes got teary when she told me that. Left an aww and a WTF look on my face.

Wow, a best friend could really do that? What a bitch.

Her so called best friend couldn't back her up. Separated her from her other friends. Said bad thing about her family. Wow, that's bad. Shikin didn't know that her 'best friend' did that. Too bad, now she knows.

But hey, thanks for being my bestie Shikin. Had a lot of fun with you. Don't worry, I suck at being a bad friend.

p/s: Oh, nanti jom buang masa sama-sama lagi.

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