Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Birthday; Still In The Mood of Celebrating.

Oh, celebrating my birthday was. I didn't have a fancy party, no family dinner nor my dad did not buy me a Ferrari. My life is simple, and so did the celebration. I'm grateful enough to be alive, to breathe the air and witness myself became 24.

Mama texted me with the simplest message ever."Happy birthday, muahh muahh!"

I bawled. Yeah.

Early celebration was with friend, food, shisha, and long hours of meaningless chats. Well, even long hours without talking, but with PS3 console as a substitute, it would still be a celebration to me. Bliss. Hehe.

Oh, Paul Scholes presented me with a great gift. Yay! Thank ye 'ol ginger.

Friends and strangers wished me on Facebook. That made me happy. I am simple.

Haha~well, i'm grateful to be alive and a year added to a our age could only mean that we are closer to death. Sheesh~ happy now?

It wouldn't be much of a celebration if there are no involvement of food isn't it?
Oh yes, i ate a lot. She treated me for a full slab of ribs. Oh, heaven.

Then i have to forget the knife and fork. Bare hands is the proper way to eat ribs.

Oh yes, the waitress was great and I have to tip her. Hehe~thanks for making my day Miss Lily.

Later on, Mr. Denzel Washington never fail to impress me. The Book of Eli was good.

Spend the day feeling great and with a full stomach, it was never better. The present was greatly loved and appreciated.

Oh yes, I read non-fiction only nowadays. My fiction reading ended when I entered 21(?). Dunno why, Hehe~

Thanks for treat love. You're the sweetest. I promise, it won't be the same on your birthday. It'll be a lot less. Haha;-P

p/s: Then came 5 days of feast. Damn. Already put on weight. I promise it'll only be for a while. Roar!

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