Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Place Found!; Ice Room!

Have you been to this place? Well, this is a new addition to my hangout place. Ice Room baby!

Well, if you live around Puchong, Putrajaya or Cyberjaya, you're quite near. But any other places, you're far! Ice Room is situated in Nilai 3. But heck, it was worth the trouble. Oh, i didn't plan on going there but i stumbled upon this place when I attended my friend's wedding. Heck, it is a cool place.

I like the concept of this place. Cozy and fun much. Cool! Lotsa people came to this place. Lotsa green could only mean one thing, it's refreshing.

Plus, if you're showing football at your place, it's my kinda place. Food and football can't never go wrong.

Ice Room specialties? Of course the ice. Shaved ice! Damn, they have so many flavors. Them waiters and waitresses know how to explain about their foodstuff. So it was easy enough for me to pick my favorite. Guava flavored shaved ice. Here it is.

Oh. Jeez. Well, I ate it up already. Dang~ Well, lemme explain it this way.

Haha~that's the best word to explain it. Seriously, I love it so much. Guava shaved ice with a dash of soursop. Dang~heaven. Well if you wanna taste, go to this place. Ice Room in Nilai 3. I really hope that they would open up a new place around Klang Valley, it would be so much easier. But heck, it is worth the trouble to go there and enjoy some good food.


fndrocka said...

wallaweyh...must try nih

Anonymous said...

Got halal certificate tak?

Nabil Hussein said...

halal.definitely halal.sorry didnt take a pic on the cert ohh..