Friday, June 5, 2009

when hope and faith played their part

heyyyy..wassup lil jonny?what are u doin?

haha..time flew just like that.

when i checked out my was practically the same.

i don't want to change a thing. even when she already made her decision.

the pc wallpaper is still the same. jonny is still there. patrick star is there too. the albums. the songs. the movies. the scent that she likes the most. the same watch i wore. the same t-shirt. the same shoes. even on the web. i left it practically the same.

for one reason. i don't wanna forget.

i know one thing bout myself, once i forget..i will never look back.

but i left it the same.

because hope is still there. and my faith is still around.

thus, i left it practically the same.

p/s: when i chose this way of living my life..i still need to keep myself together.

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