Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i prefer death

finally in kedah.

back in here for awhile for my friend's wedding.

gotta hate this feeling in my gut, in my heart 'cause it's nearing august. i dunno.

memories perhaps.

it's not that i hate it. but 'cause i love it too much. and it might hurt me perhaps.

and memories remain. sheesh.

that's why to me i can accept death better than i can accept a broken relationship.

death; someone you love were taken away. and you ought a know that that person is somewhere better.

and in a relationship; where u were left or u left, there are choices to be made. u can choose to hold on or u can choose to leave and wrecks a heart.

and too bad, i can accept death better. there's no choice to be made here. 'cause u can't choose to be alive when ur time is up, and it's impossible to know when is ur time. sounds sucky, but i like the concept of death. the elements of surprise.

being dumped or u choose to dump, well. that's stupid. or somewhat selfish. u know u said all the beautiful things, u said u love, u said that he/she is ur significant other, u said u wanna spend the rest of ur life with that person..but in the end..u ended up lying if u chose to end that relationship. well, there are choices to be made right there right?

i don't fancy it.

gosh. either i'm excited or not..nearing august, i'm not gonna be as nearly as happy like before.

p/s: even if i hope that i'm dead right now, i can't be dead if my times is not up. yay!

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