Tuesday, July 21, 2009


my heart is aching..

is there any way to make me feel better?

it is 7 months already..and why oh why do i have a soft heart?

i wanna be me again..


p/s: watching P.S I Love You like a thousand times does not help.


Rosy Daisy said...

hey pal.. whats wrong with u??
chill a bit okey..
i have been thru what you are going thru.. its painful but u gotta be strong..

(sama ke apa yang kite lalu dulu.. hurmm... lebey kurang sama kowt)

relax aite~

Anonymous said...

i know..
ive been thru e same things..
ppl can say jus chill and everythng..
but they dun actually know exactly how pain it is..
but am sure..
as time goes by..
ur gonna b ok..
and ull find sum1 much better than her..
jus pray to God..

Nabil Hussein said...

anonymous..ape ko merapu ni setan??

Rosy Daisy said...

hahaha~ some ppl just love to barch in to other ppl's lives..

Anonymous said...

syial je ko..
aku nasehat pown nak bukk entry bagai..
bapak pape tah ko neh..
no wonder laa..