Monday, August 17, 2009

it's happening again

oh. dammit.

it's the crappy feelings. gonna make me feel bad. alone. lost. sad. angry.

go away please. i don't need it.

p/s: dear God, hold her.


True Fiza said...

i pening when someone tulis something in blog but i dont get it cause u didnt write the whole story down. ish!! tak suka!
then again, its ur blog. hehe

Nabil Hussein said...

hehe..sorry2..i got the whole story in the archive..then u'll get it..:) i hate august!!!!

Cik E said...

august's archive?

Nabil Hussein said... miss e..wayyyy back..may i think?

Cik E said...

It's okay, I baca semua-lah. hehe.

Nabil Hussein said...

ok miss e~do that..u're sweet:)