Friday, September 4, 2009

Lupa; Tapi Masih Samar-samar Kisah Dalam Hati

Hidup sedang berjalan lancar. Happy. Sempurna. Hari-hari senyum lebar. Tiada kebimbangan.

Suddenly, life took an unexpected turn. A surprise hit. Thing that we least expected, happened.

Hilang keseimbangan diri, hilang pedoman perhaps or just jerit je kuat-kuat sebab marah dan tak puas hati.

I'm in a process of doing the 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' thingy. Yes. I did.

Been through a 7 months of agony in the heart and buck loads of erasing memories in my mind. I finally accepted the fact that the person i loved the most dumped me.

Like the movie, the guy got dumped. Devastated. Met another girl. And he was happy. Suddenly his ex want him back...yada yada yada..he ended up with the new girl. He is happy.

The same shit happened, but it is not the end of the movie yet. Crap. I'm expecting a whole lot of drama to happen right now. It is more complicated. It is not the 2 hours crap you can find on DVD with a review and some nice title.

Ada kasih sayang dan cinta terlibat? Yes.

Kata kunci. Baru. Lama. Pilih

Now i'm in the state of confusion.

Oh yes, it is gonna be interesting.


p/s: God, again, i ask you the same question.


True Fiza said...

atleast u hv drama...*sigh*

Nabil Hussein said...

hahaks~u want drama??xbest taooo..

hehe..let us exchange places!!jom!!