Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Change of Heart; Just Wanna Have Fun

I have a friend.

Dia belajar course yang dia suka. Bukan suka suka. Tapi suka hati. Bila dia masuk course tu, dia tak suka, dia tukar course. Dan bila dia tak suka jugak, dia tukar course. Agak tukar cita-cita, dia tukar course. Last time i met him, dah 4 kali dia tukar course. From science to engineer to hospitality to law. Dahsyat.

I asked him why. He told me that his heart changed each time and he wanted to follow his heart. He's 27 now and still now finishing a course of what he studied.


I slowly turning to do what he did. Last time i studied culinary arts, now i wanna further in fashion design. Perhaps after that business.

And the reason i don't further my study for the time being is, i wanna chase my dreams, do something, learn about life. That's it. Basically i wanna have fun. Maybe i'll learn something in the process.

Yup, i'm 23 now, but i feel old. I should focus myself on somethin'..jeez..

p/s: Ada cita-cita jadi businessman, chef, fashion designer, pelakon, penulis, penganalisa sukan..bla,bla,bla..i think i should stop shooting stray bullets

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