Sunday, October 25, 2009

Google; The New Epidemic in My Family

So i texted my mom the other day.

Me: Mama, my skin is allergic to somethin. It's the same like when i was 9 years old.

Mama: What did you touch? what happened?

Me: I dunno. It's itchy, red and it's annoying.

Mama: Go online, Google it.

And i texted her to ask about somethin'.

Me: Mama, the small plant i planted is kinda yellow. It's not green. What's wrong with it?

Mama: Check it out on Google.

And i asked my dad a question.

Me: Ba, I wanna find a new apartment. Do you know anyone?

Dad: Sure, Google it.

And another question.

Me: Ba, i wanna find a girlfriend. What should I do? (this was just a question i asked just to make a conversation, i know how to find a girlfriend. Haha.)

Dad: Google la.

Okayyyy..the pattern here is kinda annoying. My mom and dad kinda get the hang of using Google and the word 'Google' in everyday life. Cute, but I kinda expect more like a traditional answer. Like, an answer that came along with wisdom and knowledges. But, they kinda leave it to Google. Google is rich and very knowledgeable. Haha. Okayyyy~

Will Google everything. Mom, dad; please use less of the internet. It's not for ol' people. Haha!!

p/s: Nothing?

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