Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Knock-knock; Hearts Talking

I'm not complaining.

It's just that feelings came from Heart.

You can't hate what you like.

You can't ignore what existed.

You can't act like it's nothing.

You can't love what already hated.

You can't pretend like it was never there.

You can't say wrong what you felt right.

But somehow, heart and mind co-exist.

Heart to feel. Mind to think. When they conflicted, all scattered, confusion arise.

Then decision is like playing Texas Hold 'Em.

Full of uncertainty. A gamble. We put on the poker face. We bet on our hands.

There's a chance to fold, but we tend to get cocky and thought it was right.

Where we hope to win the gamble.

Full of uncertainty. If it's gambling without being sure whether you win or you actually lose, that's the worst kinda decision.

It'll left you with a hollow in the heart, a constant thinking all the time whether i was wrong or right.

See, sounds like nobody wins.

p/s: I am truly bummed.

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